Poor Cheat Mod
Here is the lastest brightskins+low resolution textures mod for ac 1.0.4, including :
-Bright playermodels (full red/blue, both green heads)
-Bright pickups and weapons
-Low resolution textures of official package + community map pack
-Low resolution mapmodels of official package + community map pack
-PrimeviL's HUD
-Cube's charset

Extract the files in your AssaultCube directory and launch it by the PC_AC.bat
Sorry for linux/MAC users, you'll need to make your own launcher.

Tips to make the poor cheats even more clean :
/texreduce 3
/hudgun 0
(minimalist graphic settings, at your convenience)

You now know what this thread talks about :
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I do not see problem in you posting this thread... You must remember in the Christmas I created a thread: "Christmas's gift" which I posted the infamous sniper/pistol script... So you should know I am willing to give to the players the same official resources.

The point here is your intention in hit this discussion.
And sincerely Brett... you gone out of the limits (considering all "childishes" you did in the last months).
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