AssaultCube 1.3 Lockdown-Edition
Dont get me wrong. I spend my time playing because I like the game. Developers spend hours coding because they like to code. (I hope no Dev has been FORCED to program for AC!) Of course, we can always see the bright side.
* GEMA community hit hard. *Is it true that GEMA servers are banned from masterserver?
* SS Hitler is still free on the servers and with the same nickname. * Cheaters keep flying around.
* The official maps are strongly similar, some differ, few. AC_Coal ;) (But nobody play it)
* Why doesn't the update keep the old configs? *Have map creation restrictions changed again? So can we adjust (fix) the Syria map so that it goes into the official package so it doesn't get changed anymore (edited)?
* What information does the game "take" from my system and computer? What is that bash number? * Where can I find the game's GDPR?
* Where is the new game mode? Has the AI of bots been improved?
*Does pizza break define upgrade to 1.3?
*Better menus to show servers with official maps and free maps and GEMA? Why not?
I thought about joining the publicity team for this new version. But I couldn't divulge something I didn't know what it would be. I made the right choice. I can't imagine publicizing the end of the GEMA community.
Maybe go back and call this version the Ômicron Edition.
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