Servers with unconverted map configs
(12 May 15, 04:57AM)Mousikos Wrote: Why is this an error/problem?

The mentioned grep can be used to search for unconverted map config files. You'll still have to look at the file and check if the map loads properly on a vanilla installation.

As to your example: Z3R0 seems to have created a map config with a mix of existing and non-existing models, of which the map only uses the existing ones. As did RKTnoob.

However - only ac_empyreal loads without errors. You should remove the other two. For the future: before you upload a map to a server, you should load it from an AC with an empty profile (at least with an empty packages directory in the profile). Do do that, just go to your profile directory and rename the existing packages directory. After the test delete the new created packages directory and rename the original one back.

And yes: someone should find the time and check all the maps on akimbo...
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