Last-minute wishes for the next map format
(08 May 15, 01:36PM)stef Wrote: Would it be better, to limit the editing also to a max of 32? Or is it useful to have lights that will be capped during next save-load cycle?

I usually just put some huge lights arround randomly when starting a new map, so I won't have to make use of fullbright. Those lights of course will be removed later. I believe others do this as well.

On the other hand, one could put quite some information into the rest of that byte. Maybe it's only me, but wouldn't it be nice to have some advanced light effects, like blinking regularly or randomly, or something like 'pulsing' in order to have some glowing effects? You could store that information in that remaining 223 bits (well, technically it's 3 bits I think) rather than leave them 'unused'. However, I sense using one byte for multiple purposes like that is beyond bad style, isn't it? :P

(08 May 15, 01:36PM)stef Wrote: Also: until now, light entities with negative radius are possible but are ignored completely. Would that be a nice enough way to encode shadow entities?

Yes, probably that never-to-be-found-again mod just made use of that.
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