MykeGregory - The idea is not to use the money for advertising. The idea about using Youtube is great. Currently a search on Youtube about AssaultCube shows over 50,000 results! :)
TheNihilanth - AC is currently being advertised on YouTube, in the search engines and some gaming sites around the world.
I can not determine how advertising is "word-of-mouth." Players bringing other players into the game. But this is a very effective way of growing audience for the game. Encourage each player to bring another or others to play. In Brazil the main site to download AC is:
||Link Assaultcube download || A lot of 5 stars comments and 2.811.971 downloads at now!!!
FeAtUrEs - You can create fun and playable maps. Regular and interesting learning curve. Maps with various levels of complexity. Change of game modes. Ability to play offline. Does not require a very powerful hardware. It can be played with low-speed internet. and more ...
I can not guarantee the success of the fanpage.
I can guarantee that I can do what is necessary for Fanpage succeed. This implies a very positive outlook on the functioning of this task.
Furthermore the role of "editor" does not put me as the owner of Fanpage. This is safe.
I can prove that I already realize this task. (Fanpage admin) You can give me a date and a time and I make a post in one of the Fanpages that I manage. It is easy to prove.
You can measure the success of Fanpage through reports that Facebook produces. You can connect this information with the access to the game's official website. You can identify the "Likers" the Fanpage who are sticking to the game. All of this is measurable.
For various technical issues, not work to create an unofficial fanpage. Merge pages later is also risky. It would not be worth the effort neither the risk.
Waffles - I agree with your way of seeing it. I really'll need to analyze a lot of data. I hope to have the support of everyone, especially the older and experienced players like you.
I am aware of the limitations imposed by Facebook for those who do not pay for advertising. But I know techniques that can change the scenario and act in favorable way by our aim.
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