Nazi Servers
Maps with Nazi designs are not accepted. But for some strange reason, using a Nazi name and tagging a swastika is allowed! [SS]Hitler name is a cancer to the game and to the lives of people, including children, who play AC.
Below is a list of servers that support using this Nazi name. In other words, they support Nazism.
Note that older and more important servers are blocking this name. Thanks aCKa, ESP, Joseph and others for trying to keep our game healthy and fun. [aCKa]Assault Q /founded in 2006 -Blocked [SS]Hitler LOCOS POR LINUX – Not sure [aCKa]Custom & /ounded in 2006 -Blocked [SS]Hitler [aCKa]Europa & [ounded in 2006 -Blocked [SS]Hitler [aCKa]Nostalgic Q founded in 2006 -Blocked [SS]Hitler Muttsketeer -Blocked [SS]Hitler GEMA REVIVAL  -Apology for Nazism | B[] | - New York -Apology for Nazism FireBird - Blocked [SS]Hitler Jack's Basement [EU] -Apology for Nazism [ESP]JAC FRANCE CTF 41 24/7 -Blocked [SS]Hitler [ESPJAC FRANCE CTF $2 24/7 -Blocked [SS]Hitler meanduck ladder £1 -Apology for Nazism TactiCooLServer |/º/7| -Apology for Nazism Precision Playhouse Gema Server Alpha -Apology for Nazism *Outshiner 11 -Apology for Nazism *Outshiner 22 -Apology for Nazism The Kardashians -Apology for Nazism Christians AssaultCube-Server –Not sure
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