Experimental dev package for Mac OS X
(12 Sep 16, 03:37AM)Vinayill Wrote: It is working full-screen on OS X 10.10.5 Yosemite, as well as gamma but with one bug. For every keyboard input it plays that "Purr" error sound and screen flash.
1. It happens also in windowed mode?
2. Error sound is played, but keys work right?
3. Does screen flash happen, if you have set in AC the same resolution as in desktop?

Could you check in Sauerbraten, whether fullscreen works without such problem?

Quote:One more issue with MAC version is that we can't change weapon with mouse wheel while we crouch in game.
Shift + mouse wheel/scroll on Mac enable horizontal scrolling, that works with all (windowed?) applications. So you have to bind crouch to different key (for example left Ctrl, C).
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