Wording on docs for "defaults"
(22 Dec 10, 11:24PM)JGAN Wrote: #1 i think you are supposed to reply to flowtron's post not make a new one. lol.
#2 -o will set the actual MOTD while -O will set the MOTD file. Default for -O is config/motd_en.txt
#3 im working on updating all that stuff :P

This is for docs not the wiki and its not a request for new pages but a wording change on existing or it may even be a bug in the server software I don't know yet.

I know the flags and I'm saying that even if you don't use "-o" then it doesn't default "-O" to "config/motd_en.txt" Like saying "default" suggests. I also know that specifying "-o" overrides the use of "-O" but even without specifying "-o" it was not reading the config/motd_en.txt Until I specified "-Oconfig/motd".

Like I said I don't know if this is a glitch for me or maybe something that needs to be fixed in the code even. I just know that what it suggests is not what happens. Also like I said the other "defaults" most of them do act as defaults and DO work like they suggest.
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