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Hi guys, I am currently experimenting with AC and looking to become an AC Developer soon. However thats not my problume. I can make normal menus and can edit the voice com menu, however i am having trouble with creating a voice come menu.

So can someone please help me. AC forums are very dead and often very unhelpful, so I will be very happy, even with few comment here.

Thank you.
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What exactly are you trying to do? Create commands that use your voice through a mic?
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no i want to create another menu like when you press V and you see the menu.
I can create normal menu but idk how to do the voice command menu.
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Try copying the file AC/config/menus_voicecom.cfg to something like AC/config/menus_chatcom.cfg (or whatever you want this menu to be named)
Change the newmenu line at the top to match your desired menu name:
newmenu chatcom 1 1
Edit the file to fit your desires and then add the exec line in to the menu creation list at the bottom of the file menus.cfg:
exec config/menus_chatcom.cfg
Then call the menu with an empty key in resetbinds.cfg (I used the M key for an example)
bind M [showmenu chatcom]

If you are trying to make some real custom sounds then you need to add them in to packages/audio/voicecom in the proper audio format and by using the filename as the name you will call them in menus_chatcom.cfg

Be aware that if you retain any of the default menu names it will duplicate the entries from the other voicecom menu in to your new menu.
Also, you will likely want to remove the const parts as they don't need to be called twice, since they are already in the default menu.

This is all just a basic example, of course, but I hope it helps you reach your endgame... I can explain further if you need, but you said you were already comfortable editing and creating other menus.
My guess is you were only hung on calling the new menu and binding it.
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yes, perfect. Thank you very much forever. I did everything like you have done before but didn't copy the menus_voicecom.cfg file, instead I copied duplicated the code inside and renamed the menu.
Any ways. Thanks a lot.
Is there anything I can do for you ?
I am web designer, graphics designer so anything releated to my skills, just let me know and i will be happy to it for you :D
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Just keep playing assaultcube brudda! =)
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I started one of the best colleges, so I don't get much time, but play little on the week ends :)
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Good luck !
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