The AssaultCube Quotes Thread
(08 Nov 11, 10:15PM)Mr.OpTic Wrote:
Gibarix Wrote:[21:08] -->| kalas ([email protected]) has joined #pbclan
[21:08] =-= Mode #PBClan +v kalas by ChanServ
[21:08] kalas: whats re format
[21:08] kalas: lol found the ol macbook
[21:08] kalas: honestly thinking of ditching windows
[21:08] kalas: cant afford virus protector
[21:08] kalas: and macs are gay
[21:08] kalas: l inux we meet again
[21:09] kalas: aekom
[21:09] kalas: its taking my usb 3 hours
[21:09] kalas: to copy 1.57 GB of music
[21:09] kalas: ugh
[21:09] kalas: anyway
[21:09] kalas: "Privacy protextion has detected a leak of your files through the internet we strongly recommend that you block the attack immediately"
[21:09] kalas: wait
[21:09] kalas: this isnt eq-clan
[21:10] kalas: saw nothing

hate life
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Well, I could always just re-ban you. That would prevent that mistake from happening again.
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19:19    <eQ|Lantry> <prolet> I gotta say something retarded to get noticed
19:19    <eQ|Lantry> you are going about it all wrong
19:19    <prolet> lol
19:20    prolet sits down in a desk
19:20    prolet opens textbook
19:20    <kalas> whats a textbook
19:20    prolet waits for Professor Lantry to come
19:20    <prolet> kalas, its a book
19:20    <prolet> of text
19:20    <kalas> o
19:20    <prolet> np
19:20    <X-Ray_Dog> I actually used my math book for something yesterday!..... a mouse pad!...
19:20    *** kalas is now known as ProfessorEthan
19:20    <ProfessorEthan> hello class
19:20    <prolet> Lol
19:21    <X-Ray_Dog> screw
19:21    <X-Ray_Dog> this
19:21    <X-Ray_Dog> im dropping out
19:21    *** X-Ray_Dog left #eq-clan [email protected]_Dog.user.gamesurge
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(09 Nov 11, 01:10AM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Well, I could always just re-ban you. That would prevent that mistake from happening again.

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Ok let's post all TS3 quotes before losing it. :D

Quote:<18:17:19> Connected to Server: Woop Clan
<18:17:19> Welcome to our TeamSpeak
<18:17:25> "Honor" disconnected (leaving)
<18:18:33> "burn" disconnected (leaving)
<18:18:37> "lυɴαт!ct" disconnected (leaving)

Quote:<20:58:44>"sqlut": you seam to lol

Quote:<12:41:31> "Ehsan" dropped (connection lost)
<12:41:34> "Ehsan" connected
<12:41:59> "Ehsan" dropped (connection lost)
<12:42:55> "Ehsan" connected
<12:43:23> "Ehsan" dropped (connection lost)
<12:43:43> "Ehsan" connected
<12:44:33> "Ehsan" dropped (connection lost)
<12:44:48> "Ehsan" connected
<12:45:13> "Ehsan" dropped (connection lost)

Quote:<21:14:53> "Sqlut paye": smouth mousse
<21:15:24> "Sqlut paye": smouth mouse
<21:15:54> "Lucas":
<21:17:42> "Lucas": 1.smouth = Another name for vagina.

Quote:<12:44:46> "Lucas": belgian people are so stupid!
<12:44:50> "Belgian": well
<12:44:54> "Belgian": i agree with that
<12:44:55> "Belgian": lucas

Quote:<19:30:12> "HAPpY|KrO": estas biene
<19:30:21> "HAPpY|KrO": astalwego
<19:31:52> "HAPpY|KrO": gracias oune bouritos por favor

Quote:<18:46:15> "Infern0 | Bye BME": merseille
<18:46:16> "Infern0 | Bye BME": merseille
<18:46:20> "Infern0 | Bye BME": ole ole

Quote:<12:42:51> "Brett": I'll take a boat to Romania to kill them all!
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[23:31:19]    J4cK    i had a really racist comment i was just about to say
[23:31:25]    J4cK    but i'd get banned
[23:31:36]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Don't make lucky_homework hate you
[23:31:45]    lucky_homework    cool
[23:31:47]    lucky_homework    fuck you too

[23:35:03]    lucky_homework    stfu
[23:35:11]    lucky_homework    you are preventing me from doing my hw
[23:35:16]    lucky_homework    its all do tomorrow
[23:35:17]    lucky_homework    
[23:35:18]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Lol
[23:35:25]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Soz mate, we'll try not to beep you anymore
[23:35:28]    eQ|sgtd    lol u think you have it hard...
[23:35:34]    eQ|sgtd    i have to perform tomorrow.. xP
[23:35:44]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Oh noes
[23:36:02]    eQ|sgtd    in front of one of the head music dept.
[23:36:08]    lucky_homework    meh
[23:36:11]    eQ|sgtd    and on the fkn piano
[23:36:11]    lucky_homework    ive done worse
[23:36:15]    lucky_homework    oh shit
[23:36:20]    lucky_homework    pianos are hardcore
[23:36:21]    eQ|sgtd    lol yep
[23:36:28]    lucky_homework    You only learn to be pro on the streets
[23:36:33]    lucky_homework    No preppy schools
[23:36:43]    lucky_homework    straight up Detroit is where you learn the real stuff
[23:36:48]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Lolwut
[23:37:10]    lucky_homework    wait maybe that was Thuglife

[23:38:43]    lucky_homework    Jack reminds me of jg99
[23:39:16]    J4cK    dude, im no where near jg99
[23:39:17]    lucky_homework    jg99 gets mad and threatens your wiki
[23:39:20]    J4cK    im just fucking pissed off
[23:39:24]    J4cK    my teacher is such a bitch
[23:39:29]    lucky_homework    this guy..just takes it up the ass like a man
[23:39:31]    eQ|sgtd    can picture J4cK fapping to Lindsay Lohan
[23:39:39]    lucky_homework    everybody has the same problems
[23:39:41]    lucky_homework    your not so special
[23:39:43]    lucky_homework    get over it

[23:40:30]    eQ|sgtd    lool
[23:40:32]    eQ|sgtd    u guys
[23:40:36]    eQ|sgtd    ok storytime
[23:40:41]    lucky_homework    and this was DURING when she was handing out the test
[23:40:42]    eQ|sgtd    today while in guitar class
[23:40:43]    lucky_homework    come at me
[23:40:44]    J4cK    in grade 5, my teacher picked me up by the collar of my shirt and screamed at me to pick up my book
[23:40:52]    J4cK    cause it fell of the table
[23:40:53]    eQ|sgtd    w/3
[23:41:00]    eQ|sgtd    let me talk..
[23:41:05]    eQ|sgtd    ok, while in guitar class
[23:41:11]    lucky_homework    Last year a teacher hit my medical halo because i was talking
[23:41:13]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    D'you mean "let me type"?
[23:41:19]    eQ|sgtd    ...
[23:41:24]    lucky_homework    Jack you cant win
[23:41:26]    lucky_homework    gg
[23:41:31]    lucky_homework    soz sgtd
[23:41:32]    lucky_homework    continue
[23:41:36]    lucky_homework    goes to work
[23:41:37]    eQ|sgtd    lol ty
[23:41:37]    J4cK    yes continue
[23:41:38]    lucky_homework    <3
[23:41:45]    eQ|sgtd    ok, class started 30min ago
[23:41:51]    lucky_homework    WAIT
[23:41:55]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    lucky_homework, J4cK, eQ|sgtd at the age of 8, I was raped
[23:41:55]    lucky_homework    30 mins ago?
[23:42:02]    eQ|sgtd    xP
[23:42:02]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    I win, ggs
[23:42:04]    lucky_homework    Cool Story Bro
[23:42:07]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Ikr
[23:42:10]    lucky_homework    Happens to everybody
[23:42:10]    eQ|sgtd    im talking about while i was in class
[23:42:12]    lucky_homework    GET OVER IT
[23:42:13]    lucky_homework    <3
[23:42:21]    eQ|sgtd    I WAS IN GUITAR CLASS
[23:42:21]    lucky_homework    oh
[23:42:23]    lucky_homework    kk sgtd

[23:42:21]    eQ|sgtd    I WAS IN GUITAR CLASS
[23:42:21]    lucky_homework    oh
[23:42:23]    lucky_homework    kk sgtd
[23:42:33]    eQ|sgtd    and class started 30min already
[23:42:36]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    LOL M3
[23:42:36]    eQ|sgtd    this lady walks in
[23:42:38]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    <3*
[23:42:44]    eQ|sgtd    with no guitar
[23:42:55]    eQ|sgtd    walks over to the teacher
[23:42:58]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Mhmmm
[23:43:10]    eQ|sgtd    and says hi and w/3 fluff
[23:43:18]    eQ|sgtd    the teacher proceeds to tell her
[23:43:23]    eQ|sgtd    she'd better drop the class
[23:43:29]    eQ|sgtd    as she hasn't shown up for 2 weeks
[23:43:34]    eQ|sgtd    and we had a midterm
[23:43:36]    eQ|sgtd    last week
[23:43:45]    eQ|sgtd    she is obviously pissed
[23:43:52]    eQ|sgtd    so she goes off to the side
[23:43:57]    eQ|sgtd    and makes a phone call
[23:44:11]    eQ|sgtd    she talks for at least 5min
[23:44:21]    eQ|sgtd    and then comes out into the open to talk
[23:44:25]    eQ|sgtd    where every1 can see her
[23:44:37]    eQ|sgtd    the guitar teacher tells her cell phones aren't allowed in class
[23:44:44]    lucky_homework    oohhh climax!!!
[23:45:00]    eQ|sgtd    she says in the phone "now he tells me i can't talk on the phone."
[23:45:11]    eQ|sgtd    so she starts to leave
[23:45:23]    eQ|sgtd    the guitarist is making jokes
[23:45:32]    eQ|sgtd    and she gives every1 dirty looks
[23:45:38]    eQ|sgtd    as soon as she leaves
[23:45:44]    eQ|sgtd    the teacher says 2 words
[23:45:49]    eQ|sgtd    "bye bitch"

[23:48:26]    eQ|sgtd    k J4cK your turn xP
[23:48:43]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Once upon a time
[23:48:50]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    There was a land before time
[23:49:06]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Where Longnecks, Tricerotops, Pteredons, and Spiketails learned to get along
[23:49:09]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    THe end
[23:49:13]    B}Orynge    <3 those movies
[23:49:14]    eQ|sgtd    and J4cK still had a 2in dick
[23:49:18]    eQ|sgtd    gg
[23:49:22]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    B}Orynge
[23:49:37]    lucky_homework    oh shit
[23:49:39]    B}Orynge    
[23:49:39]    lucky_homework    i misread that
[23:49:45]    lucky_homework    thought it sais 21in dick

[23:50:18]    lucky_homework    wonders if Mai has quoted any of this

[23:50:18]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    lucky_homework: needs to do his homeowrk
[23:50:25]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    lucky_homework: Nah, not yes
[23:50:26]    lucky_homework    im half done
[23:50:27]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    net*
[23:50:30]    lucky_homework    with one page
[23:50:35]    eQ|sgtd    yet*
[23:50:37]    lucky_homework    after about 30 mins now
[23:50:38]    lucky_homework    
[23:50:44]    lucky_homework    gj irc

[23:51:14]    eQ|sgtd    what do you call a dyslexic girl with a yeast infection?
[23:51:34]    lucky_homework    i dont wanna know
[23:51:36]    eQ|sgtd    a quarter-pounder with cheese
[23:51:37]    lucky_homework    just stop right there
[23:51:40]    eQ|sgtd    LOL
[23:51:46]    lucky_homework    you sick fuck

And yes lucky, I was quoting all of that <3

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you were? i'm sure he didn't notice XD.
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You cut out all the smileys. D:
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[23:50:18] lucky_homework wonders if Mai has quoted any of this

yeah i did
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(09 Nov 11, 04:28PM)marinaostapchuk Wrote: When two guys are shooting at front, one must be vigilant at back too..

dont be ashamed that you are not facing the front, but its also important because noone wants to be fragged at back.

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[23:51:14] eQ|sgtd what do you call a dyslexic girl with a yeast infection?

Its an anorexic girl. if your going to steal the joke at least get it right
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[Image: MMcAI.jpg]
[Image: U7L3v.jpg]
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(12 Nov 11, 05:36AM)paulmuaddibKA Wrote: I want this to happen:
[Image: 11258_3b9d860b8aad34d22b96db6.gif]
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RealViking Wrote:Now, can we remove this thread and also delete Jg69s latest post in the Blacklist thread?


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(15 Nov 11, 05:16PM)AaRoN Wrote: Thanks guys it works now I'm go ty bind a key to say /ragequit

(15 Nov 11, 07:58PM)VenteX Wrote: [cubescript]
bind KEY [say "/ragequit"]

I see what you did there
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22:33 <eQ|MaiMeeTur> Everyone loves me
22:33 <B}titi> inb4 i don't
22:33 <Waffles> i don't
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[17:31:54] <+Gibarix> omg
[17:31:55] <+Gibarix>
[17:32:03] <+Gibarix> why do i still have that

If you know who that is, then this makes it all the more funny :)
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(17 Nov 11, 12:02AM)SkyHawk Wrote: I left this clan on good terms with the members and have had nothing but the utmost respect for every member (even the gema players)

woah :o

EDIT: 100th post :O
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(17 Nov 11, 05:17PM)V-Man Wrote:
(17 Nov 11, 07:17AM)EroticFishCakes Wrote: Congrats! you're IQ's are lower then a rodents.

Your* IQs* than* rodent's*

Irony at its finest.
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[21:14:07]    Gibarix    congress propses new school lunch bill
[21:14:13]    Gibarix    theyre claiming pizza is a vegetable
[21:14:13]    Gibarix    ...
[21:14:35]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Lolwut
[21:14:45]    Gibarix    congress rules that pizza is legally a veggie
[21:14:47]    Aekom    there isn't a single vegetable on a pizza without toppings
[21:14:56]    Gibarix    tomato sauce
[21:15:00]    eQ|Lantry    tomato
[21:15:06]    eQ|Lantry    inb4 its a fruit
[21:15:13]    Aekom    wth is it lol
[21:15:29]    eQ|Lantry
[21:15:45]    eQ|Lantry    the vegetable used in the making of tomato sauce
[21:15:54]    Gibarix
[21:16:02]    Aekom    While it is botanically a fruit, it is considered a vegetable for culinary purposes (as well as by the United States Supreme Court, see Nix v. Hedden), which has caused some confusion.
[21:16:20]    Aekom    so it is a fruit
[21:16:28]    eQ|Lantry    we had a court case about tomatos?
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On a ladder match...
|3i|Lietuv!s*:This is annoying.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:If anyone wants sex I´m all yours.

unarmed <0>:I want, but with protection.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Sorry I´m not protection.

unarmed <0>:A good proxy or something.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Such a big **** has no such a condom.

unarmed <0>:In E-Sex, size doesn´t matter.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Really? :D

unarmed <0>:It´s your imagination which counts, XD.


|3i|Lietuv!s*:I´m naked.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:I´m touching it.


unarmed <0>:Lol.

unarmed <0>: I´m touching my left click.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:I´m scrolling.

|3i|Lietuv!s*: :D

|3i|Lietuv!s*: Oh yeah!

unarmed <0>:I like that, do it more slowly, then press shift.

unarmed <0>:Mmmh. Open your ports.

|3i|Lietuv!s*: xDD

|3i|Lietuv!s*:You can touch my player skin.

unarmed <0>:It´s as hot as my CPU.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:I´m gently touching my keyboard.

unarmed <0>:Press multiple keys, oh yes!

|3i|Lietuv!s*:My mouse is *******

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Oh, yeah!



unarmed <0>:Mmmh, give me all your Megabytes.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:So soft.

unarmed <0>:Fill my Megaupload account!

|3i|Lietuv!s*:You can *** on my Facebook.

unarmed <0>:Let me strech your JPG.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Oh YEAH!

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Resize it, resize it... RESIZE IT!

unarmed <0>:Ummmmmmmmmhmhmhmhmhmmm...

unarmed <0>:It´s almost downloaded!



unarmed <0>:Unzip your rars!

|3i|Lietuv!s*:100% Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!

unarmed <0>:Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh!


|3i|Lietuv!s*:Lets stop now.

|3i|Lietuv!s*:Was good E-Sex :D

unarmed <0>:Nice file conversion brah!

unarmed <0>: :3

Somehow we managed to keep our scores!
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[18:02:27]    -->|    Feng ([email protected]) has joined #hype
[18:02:28]    =-=    Mode #HyPE +v Feng by ChanServ
[18:02:37]    ilucky    No
[18:04:16]    <--|    Feng has left #hype
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[22:01:04] * gdm is now known as spellcheck
[22:02:03] * spellcheck is now known as grammer_police

Find the fail...
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[15:26] <@eQ|MaiMeeTur> Idc, be my new policy
[15:26] <@eQ|MaiMeeTur> I won't inter without Aekom either :|
[15:26] <@sgtd> lol mai
[15:26] <@Aekom> lol
[15:26] <@eQ|MaiMeeTur> Hell
[15:26] <@eQ|MaiMeeTur> He needs to hold my hand while shitting
[15:26] <@sgtd> o_0
[15:26] <@eQ|MaiMeeTur> Fuck, I should stop drinking
[15:26] <@Aekom> you said you wouldn't tell anyone..

Mai really does need to control himself. Aekom needs to keep on keepin' on ;D.
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[18:31:22]    Misty|afk    if people i dont know wasn't enough calling me, now my ex boyfriend is calling
[18:31:28]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Lul
[18:31:32]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Shall you pick up?
[18:31:33]    sgtd    lol..
[18:31:34]    Misty|afk    why, jesus, do you punish me?
[18:31:40]    Misty|afk    no
[18:31:44]    Misty|afk    its a bit late here
[18:31:45]    Misty|afk    he might be drunk
[18:31:52]    Misty|afk    if i pick up
[18:31:56]    Misty|afk    its going to be a booty call
[18:32:00]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    Lul
[18:32:09]    eQ|MaiMeeTur    And you'll find him irresistable?
[18:32:12]    Misty|afk    and the only wet thing in me right now is my nose
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(20 Nov 11, 06:49AM)Habluka Wrote: Thank you Cheapbootsgoods for this advice. If I ever find myself in a situation where I need to buy "women's skin coats," I will be sure to go to your website. Of course, I always thought that it was illegal to skin women to make them into coats...

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Quote:[17:32] k4z: i wonder what people do for ac
[17:33] k4z: are they going to kill someone who cheats in their clan if he lives near to them ? XD
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[16:40:07]    Misty|afk    mercykill just invited me to join his new clan
[16:40:13]    Misty|afk    and he also thinks i'm a guy
[16:40:18]    Misty|afk    because misty is a very manly name
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(21 Nov 11, 11:44PM)Mai Mee Tur Wrote:
[16:40:07]    Misty|afk    mercykill just invited me to join his new clan
[16:40:13]    Misty|afk    and he also thinks i'm a guy
[16:40:18]    Misty|afk    because misty is a very manly name

Well, there was a guy named Trixie in Xu for some time...
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