Please help!
Sooooo, Im back from 21 days on Morroco and it seems i have somehow got baned from plentyful servers, TyD being the one which pisses me off because ive been dreaming of increasing my skillz for the last month and Im very very upset Also i couldnt find HP server so... Can someone please explain to me WHY because i cant find my name nor my Ip on the official ban thread so i can face the problem. Thanks in advance. [ I know im all over the forum, i really missed it :( ]
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Exact same ip.
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Wow, now when i connected i had to change my name from that exact one to my PualMuadDibKA one. F*ck, my f*cking brother must have been around. I cant blame him because he has a laptop and i have a Pc with THIS: [Image: 272795.jpg].
But hes asleep right now so i cant ask him what happened! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Is saying that a reason to get banned? Who is this wolly guy? What should i do? I so much wanted to play, i just came from work ya know? And i quit smoking! AC is my new drug and not being able to play on ALL the servers is like drinking non-alcoholic beer. Im soooo pissed. Tomorrow ill deal with my bro but can anyone help me out?
*Edit:How did "I" get on the blacklist without an official post about this thing? Its not either on TyD blacklist thread...
**Edit: Ive tried to play from my brothers laptop and its banned also. What the fuck has he been doing? :(
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Ok i contacted on TyD IRC and pawnge explained to me that he filled the application as woolly requested. Ill have to deal with this when i know the full story from my brother. Can be closed.
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This is closed. If you wish it to be opened again, PM me.
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