Poll: Web Browser?
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Mozilla Firefox
46 43.40%
Google Chrome/Chromium based
30 28.30%
10 9.43%
9 8.49%
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
Internet Explorer
5 4.72%
6 5.66%
Total 106 vote(s) 100%
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What web browser do you use?
Mozilla Firefox, Chrome/Chromium based, Opera, Safari, K-Meleon, Maxthon, Konqueror, Internet Explorer, which one do you use and why?
Firefox FTW just cause I grew up with it.
Edit: OMG I forgot Internet Explorer. It was even in my list! Sorry!
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Firefox is so much FTW. The fastest browser I've used ever after using Safari and IE (for noobs).
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Firefox 4.0 beta 1
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Firefox. I used Chrome, but for some reason it does not work anymore, even if I reinstall it... I also use K-Meleon sometimes :D
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Eh, beta here as well! They have relatively stable betas.
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No multi-choice?

Anyway, I do use Firefox as my primary browser, but that's mainly for the addons. I tried Google chrome and it's a nice browser, but I didn't feel very comfortable knowing that it actually sends browsing statistics to them... I would've switched to SRWare Iron but addons made me go back to FF.

I've also installed Oopera on our family computer, I use it occasionally.
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No IE? Safari though :)
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Sorry! I even put it in my list but I still forgot it. You can just put it as "other". This is unfair, but oh well.
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I use Chrome. No problems for me... I have IE and FireFox installed, but the browsers ont wrk cause i enabled my ProxyWay to work on them, now my ProxyWay is expired the browsers dont work xD
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(08 Jul 10, 03:32AM)DrauL Wrote: I use Chrome. No problems for me... I have IE and FireFox installed, but the browsers ont wrk cause i enabled my ProxyWay to work on them, now my ProxyWay is expired the browsers dont work xD

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I reinstalled ProxyWay, didnt work :(
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I've added the IE to the list
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lol the only one to vote for IE!!!!
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(08 Jul 10, 01:11AM)Apollo{TyD} Wrote: Firefox 4.0 beta 1
So much better than 3.6.
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People who use Internet Explorer, is there a good reason to? Restrictions on your computer, at work, at school, etc?
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I love(d) Chrome, but the reporting made me nervous. So Iron it is :)
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I force all the kids at school to use IE because I hate them and wish them all a slow death; IE is the closest I can (legally) get to fulfilling this.
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Hahahah @ jamz.

Fx is the main browser for me.
Cant surf without Adblock Plus, Flashblock, iMacros, Paste Quote, DM BBcode, WOT and more.

I do use Lynx sometimes to.

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[Image: if_browsers_were_women_If_browsers_were_...-12173.jpg]
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Firefox is the best one. Internet Explorer 8 is slow and quite annoying, Chrome is just a Firefox wannabe and opera is just rubbish in every way.
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Switched to SRWare Iron.
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'Nuff said.
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Sometimes Firefox.
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I Fire Fox. B/c i have some Plug in's and Extra's like
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Cooliris | Cooliris Web Site

on My Wii Internet its opera. its not that good. for Hulu. playing Onlines Game(back in the Day flash player was compatible for games)
Youtube on wii. will its good but the Frame Rates is a little Skippy/laggy but when its zoomed out like 110% the Freame Rates is nice and smooth video + it show Ad Banners

what good about it. i manage my Forums site i have some members
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I use Midori!
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Firefox, fast and very useful, you can customize it if you like ( :
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I for 2 say About Orepa On Computer

and i Opera Compter
Well its Fast But The Flash player like Online Gaming and Ads, omg IT SUCK! The video Flash WAS ULGY!!(My Strict Comment)
it was skippin like 10 20 F.P.S

With Fire FOX, The Flash player With Online Gaming + Ads, the F.P.S. is Nice And Smooth. also i can block The Ads but NOT IAF Flash Banner Is AweSome!
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Long, long ago Netscape, then Firefox (3.6 atm). How does the new beta feel?
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Beta is great, there are some extensions that are incompatible but Adblock Plus and NoScript still work. There's an option for the tabs on top interface, there's a streamlined "Firefox" button with common menus, and some other improvements.
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