MasterServer is DOWN
How can i create a server manually ? coz with server_wizard.bat it doesn't work.
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The masterserver has manually registration only.
Ask a dev. to add your server to the Masterserver. :)
Another reason why it doesnt work COULD be:
You didn't forward the ports correctly..
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what is your question? how to make a server or how to manually register a server?
if you are getting this message, then your server is good. go to IRC and ask dev. to register your server. read this before you host your server

masterserver reply: The AssaultCube Automatic MasterServer is DOWN! Manual registration is possible however. Visit this webpage for more information: AC Automatic MasterServer will not be back for a long while!
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i checked the Port : 28763-28764 UDP and he is open
i'm a noob so i dont know who or what a DEV is
pls help
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Dev = developer. Basically, one of the makers/maintainers of this game. They have access to the masterserver so you'll need to ask one of them to manually add your server.
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for example Brahma is a developer.
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I have a Littel question about the Server.

If I want to register mine on master server, it's only for the server 24h/24 "ON" or not ?
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Ask Brahma, Drakke, I think these are devs but I'm not sure... i.e.: flowtron, Mael
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1. Brahma
2. RandumKiwi
3. eihrul
4. driAn*
5. makkE*
6. Flowtron
7. Toca

Bold: Most likely to be found on IRC.
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Inactive ? They are both on irc pretty often since some times...
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They're under inactive/retired developers for some reason.
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I didn't notice. Sad news.
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(27 Jun 10, 02:45PM)Mai Mee Tur Wrote: Drakke
Drian mixed with makke and drakas xD
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I think he mixed up Drakas and Makke. No driAn
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No I'm absolutely certain he mixed up makke and drian.
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Well whatever, he only mixed up 2. Not three. This is going terribly offtopic so we should stop.
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@JMM - No no. He mixed up Drakkas and MakkE.

Drakas + MakkE = DrakkE

driAn + MakkE = DriakkE
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(28 Jun 10, 02:45PM)Roscoe Wrote: @JMM - No no. He mixed up Drakkas and MakkE.

Drakas + MakkE = DrakkE

driAn + MakkE = DriakkE
Do we really need equations showing what happens when you put two guys together?
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I believe so. It makes it alot easier to understand.
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I mixed up Drakkas and Makke, sorry lol

JMM You're in the quotes thread

And what happened to Makke?
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seeing as your all sooo helpful ill try too :|

the masterserver isn't automatically updating anymore until 1.1
you can add it manually though, but i don't know how i don't run a server..

go onto irc and ask, that will prove more helpful then this thread..
also this link:
best option is to wait for 1.1 , easiest :P

hope i could help :S
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I wonder what their baby would look like...
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