Please Fix this Issue...
Name : Punjabi.Ver-7.1 (playing as "Surprise:]")
Reason for this post : Old server coding (Resolve the issue)
Due to the old server coding, I get banned from the server a lot because I tend to run fast on stairs. Server think I speed hack so I get banned. I addressed this issue, a long time ago but it seems no one care about this. Please remove this anti-cheat or update the parameters and coding.

This ban happens a lot on PSY servers...

Demo/ Proof :

I got banned at 2 mins. remaining..
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Stop speedhacking and the problem will solve itself
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Marti are you drunk or something, you don't remember the issue where you jump up the stairs and it detects a speedhack?
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(01 Aug 16, 07:06AM)vonunov Wrote: Marti are you drunk

Omg no i dont drink alcohol
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