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your smartarssery really makes me want to donate
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Give me about 3 weeks I'll throw down FIDDY $50
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The first time I donated the VERY next day I was banned from the forums for 6 months for something petty. I want to contribute every month, but I won't with certain people acting like a drunken nanny on the forums. I have no problem contributing. But I can't handle the tyranny passed down from a child. (If not in years in mindset.) Everyone knows whom I speak of. God forbid I SAY who it is, I may be banned indefinitely to sooth his precious ego.
I don't ask for immunity from rules. But I do ask for fairness. And thus far I don't see it. I felt like a member of this community for many years until this. Now I feel like an unruly child to shake one's finger at. And I know of many other old-schoolers who feel the same. If you have one complaint against one individual, and many against another, the culprit should be obvious.
Clean up the mod's and I'll start donating again. I want nothing more than (silent) recognition as a caring, contributing member of the AC community.
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Welcome to the forum. It's hell.
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Surely you must've done something wrong in life to end up in hell
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I will most certainly be donating as soon as I find a new job. This game is dear to my heart and even 7 years later I still keep coming back.
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(19 Jan 16, 11:50AM)LaNterN.|oNe| Wrote: I will most certainly be donating as soon as I find a new job. This game is dear to my heart and even 7 years later I still keep coming back.

lets pub stomp together soon <3
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(22 Jan 16, 09:54AM)Flint Wrote: lets pub stomp together soon <3

Most def~
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Off topic on topic.
can we have a breakdown who is doing what in herel

A list of who is what and what they are in AC.

If you want donations. We want to know who is who and what they do.
Akimbo inclusive.

I think you have made a mess of this
So lets have it so I can print it out on a a4 sheet who is doing what.
Jamz has gone......perhaps the only person I kind of linked with sooo explain to us all what is what.
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Look at that list - I will try to break it down for you as accurately as I can to my knowledge.

As for the Dev Team portion of that list:
- XRD maintains hosting for the websites and the masterserver.
- Stef has been working frequently on the "Next" branch of AC (Which is self-evident)
- Grenadier has been assisting in development of "Next" branch, while assuming responsibilities for maintaining MS blacklists.
- Luc@s has been working on development of ActionFPS, but is still a member of the Development team.
- Cleaner and Luc@s are the Development team and Administrators of Akimbo, and Luc@s is also hosting it (afaik)
- Ronald_Reagan has been much less active, but is still the primary developer for porting to Mac architecture (again afaik)

While they have all had major roles in the game in the past, the remaining members of the Dev team in that list are mostly inactive at this time, as it appears.

The AC Mods in that list are also largely inactive. But the ones who are active at this time, are only volunteers that do minimal maintenance for forum moderation here. (Mostly curtailing off-topic posts and aiding in Obvious Cases of Cheating information)

The Moderators are forum members who have previously overseen management for the respective forum sections for Official competitions.

Donations to the game don't pay an income for any one of the mentioned people, they are primarily used (afaik) for paying for hosting related to the AssaultCube site and masterserver.

If you look here: can see a list of the most recent commits to the "Next" branch of the game.
Here: ...You can see a list of the most recent commits of the "Master" branch - which is the currently used game version.

In another thread, you had alluded that you thought I had taken over Jamz position - but truly, the closest role to what Jamz did has recently been under Grenadier's responsibility.

Also -Jamz is not really gone... You can find him playing in the servers if you know how to spot him. ;D (Sorry if I spoiled the secret, Jamz!)

If someone would like to provide more information, or correct me if my assessment is incorrect, please do so. Thanks...
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I just gave a donation because I LOVE THIS GAME. I wish I were more active, but I just played 5 mins ago and saw a pretty competitive pub. So I'm happy.

EDIT: I don't mean to sound, if it were rude, but I remember the first day I found this game, and I have met some really cool people. I've paid much more to play "so call better games". No one asks Nintendo these questions,although it would have been funny to have mass-use of the internet back then. :p
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