Exclude all aCKa and [ESP] servers from the public servers list
Why did you are still complaining about the forum?

This forum represents faithfully the personality of the moderators. 
A bunch of repressed idiots . Usurpers who act for sentimental reasons and destroy the conviviality of all members. Produce nothing for the game, only foment discord and disunity.
Musicos - An idiot who acts only for personal reasons and power.
Marti - An idiot who can not speak anything useful, so is talking nonsense and offending everyone.
Skinny-Dog - A  disappointed guy  that still care about this community. Nonsense.
1Cap - If the most responsible for the community does not care about it, why would I care? Or what difference would do?  (The new staf failed seriously.)
* I know you guys did all this to reduce the amount of Brazilian players playing.
* It was a shot in the foot!
* We give movement and challenge to this game. Without us this game is not fun.
No need to admit it. WE ALREADY KNOW ABOUT IT!
Something useful? Remove all moderators and add new ones.

Jamz remain only in programming.
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Yes i am mentioned!

Stupid post again

I have had the most fun in ac playing without brazilians (sorry if i offended any brazilians with this post)
I thought jamz didnt know much about programming? Why can he stay?

Oh and i am not offending everyone

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OT: bugboy i thought Alien is in aCKa, he is on this forum fairly often, maybe you can pm him?
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Personal reaons and power...

I was not the person who banned all Brazillians. I was willing to work with you to sort it out. If I remember correctly, I was either an applicant or a trial member at the time and would be working on a delicate situation to help you and the rest of the Brazillians out. I offered you a hand of friendship, by giving you a deban passwords despite strong community objetions. Yet you took this hand of friendship as an insult, and instead posted the deban password on public forums. I had quite a few PMs telling me what a stupid decision it was trusting you with a deban password. You told me, if I wasn't xenophobic that I should withdraw my server from being a ladder server. I disagreed. I am a service provider. I provided (and still provide) that service to BoB. They have not violated my terms of service and hence there is no reason to revoke said service. It is in fact, extremely unethical to disconnect someone's service unless they have broken a previously agreed upon condition. At that point in time, they had not. Hence, I could not in good conscience disconnect the service.

I have operated as a service provider since high school. I worked in providing web hosting to clients. I /have/ disconnected services before -- the client was using a pirated version of vBulletin. That is obviously illegal and his service was terminated immediately.

Now let's get back to the range ban. Why is it xenophobic that the entireity of Brazil was banned to stop a couple of bad Brazillians? This has happened for wikipedia too. They banned part of Congress from posting (without revealing their identity): http://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2014/...this-week/ . In fact, Wikipedia has also once banned an entire country for misconduct: http://techcrunch.com/2007/01/01/wikipedia-bans-qatar/

This is not xenophobia. Although I do not support a ban for the entire country of Brazil, regional temporary bans is a technique used to dissuade trolls. The other option, would be to implement a login system for AssaultCube. Currently, the closest thing we have to that are the deban passwords as it identifies a password to a user as close as we can right now.

If you have a better solution to control the likes of Kirby (who gets a new IP every time he unplugs his modem, basically), or Optimus, feel free to chime in. But let's not limit this to Brazil. Let's name a couple of other asshats floating around that are hard to deal with:

1. Pression
2. Fredrik

So what do we do with these types of people? The blacklist obviously doesn't work -- they have a million proxies. The difference between BRAZILLIAN troublemakers and NON-BRAZILLIAN troublemakers is that when BRAZILLIAN trouble makers get a new IP, it's usually in Brazil as well. And the ranges get realloacted relatively quickly. So if Kirby is playing in A.B.C.0/24, it's hard for me to blacklist that range because, say, a non-hacker might end up in that range tomorrow. Getting rid of Brazillian hackers is easy. Getting rid of Brazillian hackers without blacklisting the entirety of Brazil is hard. In contrats, Fredrik and Pression have VPNs from all over the world. We blacklist as we see them, but they keep getting new ranges. Sure, Brazillians can get these VPNs too, but Brazillian trouble makers are usually kids who can't purchase these VPNs.
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I like ESP servers
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Rob they will kill you xD jajajaja
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I like ESP servers too. Just chat in Spanish.
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Wait so Skinny-Dog isn't X-Ray Dog?
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1Cap... there is something you didn't get yet. You can't change people, you can't change moderators and especially, you can't change people like RK or [email protected], if they want to delete pages of posts or close a thread because it shows everyone they are wrong/stupid, if they want to deal with you like a douche, they will ban you, and if you complain, they will ban you once again until you shut-up or until they decide to permanently ban you, but you also must know it will not make other people react because of what you think (and it may be true or not) is an injustice.
Let them in their own ignorance, it's their own problems if they are stupid, but what you are doing here is just giving satisfaction to people you hate. I don't think giving them satisfaction is what you want.

After all, the TyD blacklist collapsed by it's own isn't it?
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(08 Dec 14, 07:55PM)MorganKell Wrote: Wait so Skinny-Dog isn't X-Ray Dog?
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(08 Dec 14, 07:55PM)MorganKell Wrote: Wait so Skinny-Dog isn't X-Ray Dog?

nah joey is reaching 400 pounds
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