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Not meaning to cause trouble or controversy but the new vQ servers have been banned by jamz for no apparent reason.

We (me and multiple others) including the server hoster MasterTT have tried to communicate to him in IRC where we just get ignored ( as expected ) and ingame where he will just completely ignore us and then ban us from that server (abuse?)

The thing is that he won't even give a reason, I do not understand how a trusted admin can ban any server at his will without any valid warning/reason given to the server hoster.

This has happened twice now and I would like the matter resolved. No flames.

Either unban them or provide a valid reason worth banning.

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People encourages you and see.
If jamz has a problem with the servers he should say it to me and not just ban the servers. Why the servers are banned again, I would like to know because I do not see any reason for it.
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is your server have gameplay-affecting modifications (without using a modified protocol)?

unvaried map rotations?
1 gamemode 3 maps?
2 gamemode 2 maps?
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I don't see any specifics here, and I do see a lot of vq servers. There are no vq server bans in the ban list.
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No modifications.

@jamz - then please explain your hostile response to our respectful questioning? (referring to the ingame bans/being ignored)
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In-game bans of whom? You? You're a terrible human being, a poor troll, an awful whingebag, and you smell of urine. JackX? He's a cheat. I don't recall banning anyone else in your club.
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Asking someone a question politely makes them a troll that acts inhumanely, emits a stench of urine and enjoys whining?

So we were banned because we asked you a question that affected us but you were either to lazy or just didn't care about us (we are insignificant trolls ofc)

I don't know what gives you the right to do this.

A simple "I'm busy at the moment, can I sort it out later would have sufficed.
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You're clearly somewhat troubled by reading, too:
(31 Dec 13, 11:07PM)jamz Wrote: There are no vq server bans in the ban list.
It's amazing how polite you can be when you want something. Why can't you effect a bit of decorum in-game?
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(31 Dec 13, 11:37PM)jamz Wrote: You're clearly somewhat troubled by reading, too:

There are no vq server bans in the ban list.
Afterall urine-smelling/whingebag/inhumane trolls struggle to read.

Did you ban the vQ servers in the past and for what reason? I would like to know if you did - humour me.

Oh and happy new year.
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(31 Dec 13, 11:13PM)jamz Wrote: you smell of urine

a quote worthy of the new year
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I sometimes ban servers temporarily, whether intentionally or accidentally (yes, it does happen), and events like this are between me and the server owner.
Don't be facetious; it's as unbecoming as all your other traits.
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The server owner obviously didn't get your letter.

Please explain how you can ban a set of four servers accidentally and if you did in fact ban the vQ servers, since you have not actually answered that.
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I think you just don't know how to set up servers, and then think that it is jamz banning you.


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