Poll: Bring back the 'Thank You' button?
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I serve Master jamz, say 'no' to fun things.
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Petition: 'Thank You' Button
Poll says it all, since people still post about it nearly a year later. If voted yes, it should return. If voted no, then it shows it's not there because the majority don't want it there, hence the community should get raged at by thank you button lovers.
Update: Rigged by jamz as usual. <3
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It could be a good thing but I still don't know how it worked
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Pointless thread is pointless.
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Revisionist imbecile.
Edit: This post made no sense after Nightmare edited his thread opener.
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i dislike the thanks button. go to facebook if you need love
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Thrumb up if yo....wait no. NO
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Better petition would be to bring vanilla forums back. Is that just me thinking that?
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i actually voted for jamz and then saw the result. well played master.
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Well, this seems like the appropriate thread to say this in.

First off, I would like to publicly apologize to jamz for wrecking the hours of work he did on the thanks button. It was never my intention to get jamz angry or make light of his work, I greatly appreciate his contributions to AC, as I am sure the rest of the community does as well. I'm sorry jamz, I did not mean to destroy anything that you cared about. I didn't realize you would take it personally, but ignorance is no excuse.

Secondly, if and when the thanks button were implemented again, I would not take any actions to wreck it. I can respect the fact that some people find it useful, and I won't be doing anything to exploit it again.

Thirdly, if the thanks button were brought back, I would be interested in helping make it more secure. There were ways of exploiting the previous button (as both Undead and I demonstrated). There are some simple things can could be done to ensure that could not happen again.

I'm not interested in starting an argument or a flame war here, I'm just trying the clear the air a little. Again, jamz, and I am sorry for pooping on your work, and I hope you can find it in you to forgive me.
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I accept your apology, Zarj. To clarify, I never took it personally, I took it as an attack on the forums and the community, which it was.
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I'm not sure, but I think someone cheated on the voting poll. Since someone abused it, I'd say we should remove such a feature, to avoid abuses in the future.
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(07 Dec 12, 09:06PM)jamz Wrote: waka waka

And yet you don't bring back the button, dictator jamz. :D <3
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Thanks for what? I give thanks for the ignore feature; maybe that is why I don’t get the gist of these threads any more, I jest, not.
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What happened with the thank you button that made it go Kapuff?
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(07 Dec 12, 11:42PM)Skaelos Wrote: What happened with the thank you button that made it go Kapuff?

Couple guys abused it with hax exploits, and it had to go for some reason.
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I serve Master jamz, yet I do say "yes" to fun things.
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14 f1's, 13 f2's. make it come back :(
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Check again.
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why would you do that D:
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Because I, and others, would rather not suffer through the circlejerks and phishing for "thanks".

I maintain the only form of "thanks" that should reasonably exist on this site is "anti-thanks". You vote posts down instead of up. Do not hide posts that receive negative votes. Track the number of negative votes a user receives. We all start at zero and only go down from there. Incentivize constructive material by discouraging negative material. Negative votes disappear over time. Divide a user's current negative votes by their post count to assess their contribution.
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16 - 14
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(08 Dec 12, 05:07AM)#M|A#Wolf Wrote: 16 - 1000014

Nightmare, although it would be nice to have it back, I highly doubt any of the mods would be so quick to re-add the feature after the last time...


what if we keep Zarj banned and re-add the thanks button?
Win-win situation \:D
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well....looks like jamz wins 18-1000014
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All the haters can go fuck themselves.
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(08 Dec 12, 09:36AM)MorganKell Wrote: All the haters can go fuck themselves.
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(08 Dec 12, 09:44AM)#M|A#Wolf Wrote:
(08 Dec 12, 09:36AM)MorganKell Wrote: All the haters can go fuck themselves.

Winning both polls <3
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Most petitions I sign only have one option, "Yes" :>
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(08 Dec 12, 08:37PM)Ronald_Reagan Wrote: Most petitions I sign only have one option, "Yes" :>

It is funny when people approach you on the street and ask if you would sign in support of a cause. They never allow you to sign against the cause.
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Thank you button ?
Where will the thank button be ?
What is it?
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Someone please disable the pollfunction since its the subject of exploition. Oh wait...
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