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I would like to start by saying thanks to X-Ray Dog for hosting the forum and that you can donate to the Assault Cube project. Donations contribute to the costs of hosting the Master Server, Website and Forum. 

In my opinion I think it is time to change Forum platform. There are a whole host of free usability benefits that are useful, including but not limited to:
  • Infinite / load-on-demand scrolling
  • Actually being usable on mobile devices. At the moment MyBB is less than pleasant.
  • Better composers
  • Far superior notification systems
I think that with a new version approaching and it being 7 whole years since our last platform upgrade, the time is now. Free, open source forum software has come leaps and bounds in the past few years. 

Take a look at:
What do you say, X-Ray_Dog?
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[quote="Harps" pid='172832' dateline='1498738873']

i prefer Wordpress:

- is Free as in Freedom
- is Easy to Use and Learn
- is Extendable by Using Themes and Plugins (or doing easy code)
- is Search Engine Friendly ;)
- is Easy To Manage
- is Safe and Secure
- Can Handle Different Media Types

And plus BuddyPress:

Open source with active developers
Interface highly customizable
Many Plugins
Monetization solutions (not only PayPal)
Based on WordPress
Can run on your own server
You own the social graph
No content censorship
Bright future


1. Owning Your Own Data - With sites like in danger of disappearing, owning your own data or that of your own social network becomes quite vital.
2. Secure - BuddyPress is built on WordPress, which is quite secure and teams of people are monitoring and improving it as a regular basis.
3. Quick To Setup - Installing and configuring BuddyPress can happen literally in minutes.
4. Used By Professionals - Check out for sites already using BuddyPress.

*Control your own destiny. Platform solutions are ultimately a dead end when building content and communities, as it is only a matter of time before your success reveals that you are now a "prisoner" in a gilded cage.
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I'm going to PM you Harps and see what we can manage. In the mean time, I'm open to other forum software suggestions. Key aspects I'd like to see is the ease of forum use as far as managing users, regular security updates to their software, mobile platform is also a +1, and customize-ability such as with plugins and themes and all the nifty little sprinkles and crap.

Also to consider is that by moving, all users would have to re-register and it would be quite some work to rebuild what we have so it would have to be more than just myself wording the back admin stuff to move.

As far as wordpress, can't say I'd be a huge fan. I actually migrated my personal website to wordpress not too long ago (Shameless self advertising woot) and it's ok I guess.
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