New website for community made content
I played AssaultCube for several years and had tons of fun. Not only because of the good mechanics and feeling, but in particular also because of the vast possibilities of modding and the dedicated server feature.

There have been so many great community contributions in form of maps, textures, models, etc.

Recently I was googling a few days occassionally how good many of the oldschool games were. So many offered community content and dedicated servers. So many games spawned multiple community websites of various topics. Also so many clans and tournaments. Nowadays this is pretty much gone. It's only anonymous matchmaking and zero possibilities for dedicated servers and modding.

Then I stumbled upon AssaultCube again and saw it got new updates and even a mobile release. I was hyped. So glad that this is still active. Then after seeing that akimbo is down since a while, I figured I can give something back to the great game, devs and community. was born.

My website is a hosting service for all kinds of (legal) AssaultCube community content. You can download and share maps, sprites, textures, models, scripts, mods & more. You can review community content submissions with a 5-star rating system. It's also mobile friendly. It's basically my way of giving something back to the community.

Maybe someone has use for it. Oh and it is open-source software, so feel free to create issues / make pull requests.

Link to web app:
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This is a great idea and I really miss both of the old Akimbo websites, a lot of great content was lost. But unfortunately ac-resources is down as well.
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