MCNNM is recruiting
MCNNM is probably the oldest clan in Assault Cube. 
The clan was created by gu_ in august from 2006, in that time the game was called Action Cube.

You can read more here

Now it is leaded by Spartan'. 

MCNNM has changed, now we are not focusing in CFs. It is more about making friends and play for fun.

How to join:
- We prefer to recruit people from Brazil. But Latin Americans are accepted too. (because of ping latency, but everybody is welcome)
- Do not use cheat... Today unfortunately it is easy to find a way to cheat.

List of active members today:
MCNNM|Spartan' (Caxias do Sul/Brazil)

If you want to join, answer this post.
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Hello - Still recruiting?
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(09 Apr 22, 05:00PM)Zenyatta Wrote: Hello - Still recruiting?

Yes, it is!
Send me a PM.
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