The 1.3 Mapping Contest
This time around, the theme is going to be a little different. There will be an open theme contest. You can use any theme you want. However, when you submit your map, you must clearly state which theme your map falls under

Begins now (January 17th) and will run to April 1st

I know only one judge looks strange. However, I wanted to allow the max number of people to try out the new mapping updates in 1.3 and figured this to be best.

The scoring is undergoing a huge change in this contest. It will be divided into 2 sections worth 25 each. Those sections are gameplay mechanics and detailing. Each section will be broken down into 5 point sections. A possible 50 points is up for grabs out of these sections. There will also be a poll to vote on at the end of the contest in which how ever many votes you receive will be added to your total.

Gameplay 25 points (0 out of 5 in each)
Layout 5 (this will be how well your layout is)
Gameplay 5 (how it plays)
Pickups & Spawns 5 (how your pickups and spawns are placed)
Mode 5 (this will be judged based on what mode you suggest your map is for and how well it works for that mode)
Lighting 5 (how well your map is lit overall)

There will be another 25 up for grabs in details (0 out of 5 in each)
Theme 5 (this will be how well you managed the theme you suggest your map is)
Detail 5 (how well it is detailed overall)
Sounds 5 (sound usage)
Textures 5 (how well you used textures)
Models 5 (how well you used mapmodels)

* Map can not be previously released before the start of this contest
* No limits on how many maps you can submit (nor limits on how many people can work on a single map)
* No stealing
* No judge was involved in the process of making the map
* Anyone can enter, no requirements are set based off mapping experience

A 50 USD amazon gift card will be offered to the winning map. In the case a team/coop map wins, its up to the users to decide between them on how to split the prize. In the event an amazon gift card isn't the winners ideal gift, let me know. I might be able to work with you and get you something of equal value.

As of right now, I do not plan on having a newcomer prize this year or a newcomer section. However, if I see enough new mappers are entering, I will change this.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

Be nice, and happy mapping! Good luck out there!
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I feel the need to clarify a few things. Years ago, Halo created a mapping contest. He did not pick the theme himself (I think it was Impact'd who came with the "green" idea) but managed to switch from being judge to being a contestant. Then he finished an almost complete yet unreleased map so that it would fit the theme (adding some grass and a custom green-ish texture). This map was 99% done before the contest was even a thing.

Keep that in mind when you read the 1st and 4th rule. ;)
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Is the anti-halo mapping contest still going? You know the amount of times I actually came up with the theme of a contest is probably zero. I usually asked around to see what other players was interested in them being. However, you will find, that in contest where I have been a judge, I have only merely gave suggestions to other players. There is one exception there, but I only know of like 2 people who actually even knew about that and it was still no where near my map for the same contest (which come to think of it, I wasn't a judge for that contest either, so nope, didn't work on one as a judge).

Still though, cute that people still are against mapping contest after all the successful ones and the official maps that have came from them.
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It has nothing to do with the theme. It was just to explain the whole story.

And the official package contains a lot of maps that only deserve to stay here because of their "legacy" value, but certainly not because of their quality. Actually, some of them don't even check one of these two requisites.
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There is an early discussion going on to remove a few maps. I'm not over mapping, but I have a voice in the process of it now. I have voiced my opinion of removing stellar and coal already. But there are a couple others I wouldn't mind seeing go away either.
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