Temporarily down
My laptop has been down for several months. I bought a new house in April and have been remodeling it on top of working and family life. I only have one Windows PC in my house and admin on my work computer is locked, so I can’t yet make a recovery USB to fix my laptop. Since my computer is also where my two-factor key is stored, I don’t have access to my Discord anymore and I don’t think I will recover access. I’ve seen a few messages pop up on my phone notifications but I can’t respond. Just wanting to let all my friends know that I’m working on getting everything straightened out and it’s not my intent to ignore anyone. I can’t wait to see the new version and how badly stef borked it up. ?
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Don't worry, I am taking good care of all the KH members for you while you are gone. Hurry on and rush back, you might miss something else.
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