AssaultCube 1.3 Lockdown-Edition BETA-2
Hello everybody

AssaultCube v1.3 Lockdown-Edition BETA-2 has been released.

The majority of work on BETA-2 has been implemented by Flowtron and BrutalSystem. Big thanks.

Changes since BETA-1 are as follows:
- Updated maps and waypoints
- Server log game status needs "score" column removing or sanitising #355
- If you press right-click while holding down left click, you stop shooting #304
- /ambient does not show value correctly #345
- coopedit mode is missing from the UI #340
- coop is broken in multiplayer #279
- map sent to server #320
- coopedit mode is missing from the UI #340
- /getmap should print an error message if the operation #341
- there should be no sound when respawning
- Hide entity sparklies & entity selection (pointatent) is reset whenever AC is closed #362
- fix pointatent #366
- /entset only supported up to attr4 #372
- particlesize always resets after restarting AC #385
- Send damage and shotdamage data in player stats buffer #354
- spectatemode 5 be disabled for active players (metagame) #259
- spectate:overview sometimes side view #395
- Improve server private key documentation #353
- update maps and map modes #387
- spectate:overview sometimes side view #395
- Various map editing corrections
- Updated credits

- Windows (Updated: Patch 1)
- Linux
- Mac

Further information:
- Known Issues here

Bug Reports:
We are kindly asking you to report any bugs on Github and don't forget to add "[release_1.3_beta2]" to the subject. Please always include a screenshot or video. Also, please check the known issues list to see if your bug was already reported. If one of the existing bugs is not properly resolved (it happens :) then please re-reopen the existing bug instead of creating a new one. Thank you!

Thank you very much for your support.
A word needs to be had about the mapping side of the update. You will see a whole lot of changes in this beta. This needs to be addressed upfront.

We had to part ways with 2 maps because of a license disagreement. A certain user who I won't name wanted their maps removed. So because these two maps had license that didn't exactly work for us, we were forced into a spot to actually remove these maps. You will however, see a map of theirs that stayed. This was because the other author expressed interest in keeping it and the current license of the map allowed us to do such as well.
This leads me to my next update as well. Because 2 maps left, 2 maps joined. BrutalSystem suggested 2 new maps and I agreed with him.

These maps are: ac_alcove and ac_lotus
So in total, there will be 10 new maps in the next release

I also would like to personally thank everyone for their feedback on maps and for the current dev team to give me the chance to help on that front. I also should give a huge thanks to BrutalSystem because, if I am going to be honest, he has carried most of the weight for mapping. He has been a real help and has done a lot of the time consuming updates.

I personally help everyone enjoys the new maps and I, myself, look forward to playing them in the next release. This is the list of the new maps:
ac_africa - by snoosnoo and sniper
ac_alcove - by halo and bukz
ac_arctic2 - by halo and snoosnoo
ac_coal - by halo and snoosnoo
ac_dusk - by shadow
ac_kazemat - by husk (yeswecamp)
ac_lotus - by dogdancing
ac_nocturne - by husk (yeswecamp)
ac_origin - by daylixx
ac_rampart - by dogdancing
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There has been a relevant issue identified in the windows package. Windows users are kindly asked to redownload the latest package:

BETA-2 Patch 1 ->

Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you.
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