Issue with NVidia Gameready Driver v466.47
I have issues with the latest NVidia Gameready Driver v466.47, which will crash the game when loading, about 1 second after the game is fully loaded.

My rig: Win 10 Pro (Build 19041), GeForce RTX 2060 with dual monitors

There're two ways for me to work around this issue:
  1. Use the current NVidia Studio Driver; this can be selected within GeForce Experience, driver tab, 3-dot-menu button upper right side next to 'search for updates'
  2. Revert to the driver version prior to the latest update (v465.89)

If anyone else experiences issues with v466.47, please comment in here or head over to Discord. Thanks in advance!

In my case the clientlog.txt will remain blank, so no information logged there. The Windows eventlog flags two errors:

NVIDIA OpenGL Driver

Unable to recover from a kernel exception. The application must close.
Error code: 3 (subcode 2)
(pid=16324 tid=13848 ac_client.exe 32bit)

Application Error

Faulty application: ...\AssaultCube\bin_win32\ac_client.exe
Faulty modul: C:\WINDOWS\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository\nv_dispi.inf_amd64_d71d3f5ea7618cbb\nvoglv32.dll
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