HD Mod
Hello guys, as i promise here is the Mod i have been working on. hope you guys like it !

Mod Link:   https://drive.google.com/file/d/19FTu4yo...sp=sharing

How to Install ? : 

Extract the HD.rar on C drive / Program Files / AssaultCube / Mods Floder.
go to C drive / Program Files / AssaultCube / and search for archive named "assaultcube" and Open With Note Pad, and add the Modcall --mod="mods/HD".
[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png?width=767&height=72]

Open Game, Settings / GamePlaySettings / Set it like the Picture
[Image: unknown.png]

Hope you guys Enjoy it, i will be working on HD.2 reworking some Game Textures, Mapmodels and Pickups ! 

Some Pictures of the Mod.

[Image: 20210313_04.50.58_ac_power_CTF.jpg?width=629&height=472]

[Image: 20210313_04.51.32_ac_power_CTF.jpg?width=629&height=472]

[Image: 20210313_04.52.39_ac_power_CTF.jpg?width=629&height=472]
[Image: 20210313_04.53.26_ac_power_CTF.jpg?width=629&height=472]

Enjoy Guys ;)
Thanks given by: 1Cap , YesWeCamp
Very cool!!!
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