[2021] Assaultcube developpement
I had meant to end voting already, but I still counted yours endgame. These are your results: (take in mind, I got quite a few votes from discord, they know who they are and what they voted for. Also some people didn't vote in certain options).

1. ac_rampart won against ac_polar 8 votes to 6
2. ac_nocturne won against kazemat 8 votes to 7
3. ac_nuuk won against ac_tripoli 10 votes to 5
4. apollo_abbey won against apollo_arabicnight 8 votes to 6
5. ac_arctic2 won against ac_coal 11 votes to 4
6. ac_village won against ac_casa 9 votes to 4

So the six maps we will be focusing on to better and to update for the next release are these winners. Thank you to everyone that voted and we hope you enjoy what we have in store for you in the next release.
Thanks given by: xemi , blueberry , YesWeCamp , DaBigNerd
@developpementĀ so, haxjump will be removed to the next release? Could you explain?
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(06 Apr 21, 05:01PM)1Cap Wrote: @developpementĀ so, haxjump will be removed to the next release? Could you explain?

I believe it was already fixed in 2015. Thus, hax-jump is removed in the embedded 1.3 source code.
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I take the blame for this mishap and you can point the fingers at me for this. However, with some bad news coming out, the mapping poll has kinda be rendered useless. Not to say these maps that voted might not be official now, or in the future, but at this moment, no. We ran into some license issue with getting authors approval for new maps. This is mainly due to inactivity and some users not being around anymore. So the mapping team has had to call an audible. We still will push for 6 official maps, just might not be the 6 that were voted on. For this I apologize, but I hope people understand that this was not my intention. Ran into a mega roadblock on the license front. Let me introduce you to the revamped line up for the 6 maps (still trying to find a 6th).

ac_polar and ac_rampart by dogdancing
ac_nocturne and kazemat by husk/yeswecamp
and ac_arctic2 by halo

Also, some have noticed, two official maps were added before this poll ever went up. So you are getting two extra maps in the form of ac_coal and ac_dusk added as well. The hunt to find a 6th map that will fill the void is on! This is promising to be rather tricky, to find someone that is still around and active that produces high quality maps that will let us add it to the package. Again, a major roadblock is a map needing little work and little custom content. We already ran into issues with maps, we don't need issues with additional content as well.

Again I apologize, but we will still deliver on our promise of getting new maps in the game, and I hope these maps that have been pulled can be added at a later date if the authors allow such.
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damn, sucks to see nuuk go. it was a refreshing map in inter games. Idk if anyone has contact to Shadow but it would be really nice to see ac_dusk_comp get added instead - it offers improved spawns and afaik better clips to provide fairer games. I personally dont see ac_coal getting played on pubs or inter. there are already many official maps that barely get played and it would suck to see another one - maybe tripoli could replace it. its surely gets played and shad is around for any issues or fixes that might be needed.
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yeah would much prefer ac_dusk_comp tbh, and sad yeah nuuk seemed like a fun map
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FYI: Starting next month i will have very little time for the project. I will do my best to keep the pace high so that we reach the goals.
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Sooo, an update to the mapping situation. As promised, we would put forward 6 official maps. However, Randumkiwi submitted 2 before he left, so now that total will be 8.

RK submitted ac_coal and ac_dusk

Our updated list is as follow:

So we have found our replacement maps and you should see these in the next alpha update. We are sorry for the confusion and we hope in the future we can find more maps to add in a next version as well as better be able to get permissions. We hope everyone is satisfied with these mapping updates.
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Hi all, I will leave the project next week. My temporary comeback has come to an end. Thanks to everyone who supported us last year and who kept the game alive over all the years.

- Project ownership belongs to X-Ray_Dog, Grenadier, Halo and Mr. Floppy (oversight committee).
- Knowledge related to AC mobile has been transferred to Flowtron.

Wish you all the best.

edit by jamz, 2022/06/09. Halo removed as his behaviour towards others does not befit this position.
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