[Download] Custom AC Golden Skins
Hello! It is very likely that you've seen my last post about the custom csgo skins, and now I am releasing more xd! I said I wasn't gonna take modding too seriously but I'll admit, I did spend some time on a few other skin sets cuz I was bored. I mean honestly, the gold skins were really easy to make since all you do is take some gold jpg from google and append it to the original jpgs in the weapon folders. You can probably do this yourself but I am cutting you some slack. This folder is a lot larger as I have done custom skins for all of the guns, instead of only the ar, sniper, pistol, and knife for the csgo ones. These skins are derivatives from their original creators, but I can't really find any of their names anymore since stuff is just so old. Although I know for sure the skin_hands.jpg is by makkE, but other than that, idk where to find the other original creators. If someone knows who created the original skins for these guns I modified lmk so I can give credit, but for now, there will be nothin. Anyway, The fact that this game is open source has allowed me to make all of these things, and that is why I enjoy making skin sets, cuz I can make anything really. Hell, I can make a gun skin out of kekw emotes if i wanted to 

[Image: 770437638419120159.png?v=1]

Again, im releasing skin sets for free without any paywall or copyright bs, cuz who cares? I don't plan to make money off of this and just simply doing this for fun. 
If you haven't seen the csgo skins I made earlier, here is the link to the forum post if you want to check that out too: https://forum.cubers.net/thread-9079.html
Same directions apply when installing these with a few minor changes, I have also added a yellow dot crosshair (cuz why not) specifically for the sniper to match the rest of the gold theme. 

Here are the pictures for all of the skins:

Golden G36c for the assault rifle
[Image: Golden_G36c.jpg]
Golden MP5 for the subgun (This one is the best cuz it is so damn bright lmao)
[Image: Gold_MP5.jpg]
Golden Crossbow for the sniper (With yellow dot scope crosshair)
[Image: Gold_Crossbow.jpg]
[Image: yellow_dot.jpg]
Golden Shotgun for the shotgun
[Image: Gold_Shotgun.jpg]
Golden Carbine for the carbine
[Image: Gold_Carbine.jpg]
Golden Deagle for the pistol
[Image: Gold_Deagle.jpg]
Golden Grenade Launcher for the grenade
[Image: Golden_Grenade.jpg]
Golden Machete for the knife (This knife came with an inspect animation, pretty cool)
[Image: Gold_Machete_1.jpg]
[Image: Gold_Machete_3.jpg]
[Image: Gold_Machete_2.jpg]

Please note that these skins look the best on bright maps and not as good on dark ones, as the gamma can get wonky on different maps and I have no clue how to change them. 

Here is the link for the skins, directions to install them are on a text file. Enjoy!
More skin sets coming soon...
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