Poll: Best contest map
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buncair by Pomps
3 23.08%
kazemat by YesWeCamp
3 23.08%
ac_bunkru by Teapot
2 15.38%
ac_strand by Mr.Floppy
5 38.46%
Total 13 vote(s) 100%
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Vote for 10th Contest Maps!
This contest, voting for the contest maps is slightly different. There will be judges scored combined with a community vote. So here, vote for who you thought was the best to enter the contest. I will run this poll for exactly 2 weeks.
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Could you add links to all the maps in this thread? You know, some oldies still trouble to get on discord. ;) Thanks!
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I got you, here you go. This link should have all of them packaged together and ready to download.

AC Contest Maps
Thanks given by: Mr.Floppy