Watch Your Six!
Watch Your Six!
I figure it is time to introduce the AC forum to my newest clan. After growing to over 10 members and being over a month old, I figure a proper introduction should be made. The clan name is Watch Your Six! And our tag is Wy6!
The clan is headed by myself and Snoosnoo. We act as leaders but over various parts of the clan. We both have an "under study" or someone to help with task. Elite and Nuts. Think of it as a council. Each part of the structure can be subbed out in case of someone being absent or leaving the clan.
We currently, and for the foreseeable future, only are working as a discord only clan (no website). If you haven't already and wish to join our discord, PM me on here for an invite link. I won't make it a public post for obvious reasons.
The old Pi servers have now been rebranded to Wy6! servers. Anyone that previously had an admin password for those servers should still have one for the new rebranded servers.
See you on the battlefield and remember to always Watch Your Six!

[Image: LogoWithName.png]
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Welcome, Wy6!

I'll miss Pi, but the Pi spirit lives on...
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