It's been a long time...
After 3 years of being fired from the game. Nostalgia has hit me and I have decided to return here to say hello. How are you?

Most of you will know me from Weed or Z3R0.
Member of some ancient clans. ArmS, RR ...
And my own clan, AoX.

I remember some players whom I considered friends.
Shad ... I miss your emoticons in chat. = D

I miss you all.
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that's my name tho
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seen u in discord and got very confused by your name lol
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Hey Z3R0, um Weed. Great to see you!
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noobicus this man is an imposter, do not trust him. my name is being tarnished, my valor stolen
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Are you Z3R0 from Pi? Because we old school if that's the case. Miss you bud, hope you're doing well.
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indeed i am, it's good to see you guys still kicking around these dusty corner of the internet. i hope you guys are well and keeping safe in this genuine hell year
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Damn, such throwback!


AssaultCuber from 2011-2015
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