A new clan.
Hello, fellow Cubers. Just here to say that AC has a new clan. I really think that new clans are needed. We all miss 2013-14 days, don't we? All those nice people, the clans, full server etc. We all know we can't bring that back but me and Spookles (aka Waffle) are trying to build a new friendly community. So we created a clan, which is The Savage Cubers (sC*|). We now have a discord and a public server. We currently have 5 members which is Panda, alty, FireWire, Spookles and me. We are open for anybody who wants to be a part of us. Our rules are pretty simple. Just don't be a dick and play the game at least once a week (same for the discord). Interested? Go to our website and join our discord (scclan.tk). So that's basically all I have to say. I hope we can make this game a little more active and nothing can make us happier. Peace :)
Thanks given by: RandomPanda