Hello guys! I'm doing my Big come back in AC community after more than 10years out of game!
I'm doing remake of my old maps to fit in new AC version, because almost all are unplayable in multiplayer because of the new map restriction (unfortunately). I Start with one of my first map i Did on ActionCube 0.92 in 2006: it was called fy_iced_world and now i renamed it to ac_icedworld. I hope you enjoy it. More map coming soon 

[Image: 5e832ef59b2c8.jpg]

Map details:

Name:  ac_icedworld

Mapper:  [aCKa]Deathstar

size:  small (max 12 players)

gameplay: Fast, good for CTF, TDM, Survivor, LSS, PISTOL
Thanks given by: 1Cap