ACWC 2020
Hello cubers, Im organizing ACWC 2020.
I think most of you know how it works, so I will make a summary,
ACWC 2020 will be a countries competition (some countries will be mixed) for each team is required 3 players. Also there can be more than one team that plays for the same country.
Refs will be moderating the competition.

If you want to register you have 2 ways, as single player (mods will search a place for you) or if you have a team then the captain registers the whole team. You MUST register in the ACWC Discord channel (I'll post the link here) -->
In the discord channel you will find Rules, registration and other stuff :D

Pls if you have any problem, send me a message in discord.


*The competition will take part in June until August :D
Thanks given by: GameMaker , AlliuM