Policy regarding game chat solicitation...
OnĀ 16 Aug 2019 22:15 EDT, I had joined as the 14th player in a room that had space for up to 16 players, and became witness to the rather peculiar chat interaction ... [cut by mod (grenadier)]
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Do you have a demo? If yes, please send me the link to its via pm.
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I notice: you have deleted the content of my post, and offered no reason for doing so. You have also not commented on the incident I described, as I asked, and by removing the content of my message, you have prevented others from commenting.
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I removed it to not advertise described bad behaviour + for such accusation you should provide the evidence.
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"you have prevented others from commenting"
So there are 2 ideas :
1-You are troll and I like that because this way of trolling with engaging lots of people in a worthless shit topic is so funny *sarcasm*
2-You need our attention for something like"Hey! I'm banned, support me for un-ban !" or "See, there are worthless mods here" and I don't confirm but you if it is your point then good job, continue... boring story that I've heard a lot with no ending
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