Master Server is not replying
im noob please help D;

please answer in german

i cant connect sometimes to the servers, ofc i see all server which are online, restarting router helped once, restarting computer helps sometimes, i dont have a clue what i did, i dont have a firewall, i dont even know things about w7 already installed whatevers, i just did something but dont know what, maybe i didnt. yes i just undestand easy written english and also easy sayed german f4noobs, would be nice if u could trigger this problem f4me and maybe fix it, if u want i have teamviewer, would be easiest ;)

Thanks for replies,

urs, chilllounge aka à; Student, Kurt, Chilllounge, ae, naem, Orb!t, clanlessNaab, atm idontlikeu and many more nicks,

hf, gl, gg & thx

ip is

meybe im blacklisted too lol
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It should be OK now. / Es sollte jetzt OK sein ;).
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Thanks dude, recognized it today,

nice to see that the forum is still alive & active like it is, also thank u for still "carrying it"!^^

enjoy the future & see you ingame ;)
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reinstalled pc again nau i cant join :/

ip should be the same i guess
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