GrayDog won't stop spamming kick votes and teamkilling
GrayDog says I'm using aimbot and he doesn't stop voting to get me kicked. I had demos of him voting like 15 times across 4 matches, but unfortunately I've lost 3 of the demos because I incorrectly thought I was deleting old demos.

I have just 1 demo as proof.


/whois gave me 77.22.190.x for his IP. I have no idea how to get full IP.

I connect at 5m15s. He votes to kick me at 7m19s, 10m10s, 10m58s and 12m33s.

He did it like 10+ more times in another match but I've lost the demos. 

Just after his first kick vote, I used the spawn timer skipping trick once... but only because he decided to vote without any proof. I never do that in legit matches. Sorry for that.
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Please ban this troll and spammer. He has been spamming kick votes against me and now he has moved to teamkilling me.

I have 2 demos as proof.


He starts shooting at me continuously from about 1m20s


He joins at about 1m15s and starts teamkilling me continuously from about 1m45s

Please ban him. :(
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