Multiple textures in the same Z axis?
I started AC to make my second map when ac_douze loaded in the startup and I've noticed one thing...

[Image: fcSKaOa.jpg]

That's probably very old and newbie question, but how can I make multiple texture in the same Z axis? This wall in the picture seems to have 3 different textures.

I'm really curious about it. If you know how to make it plz reply, thx!
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That is actually just one texture. That is a custom made texture just for ac_douze that includes each part. It would require very precise placement to place on your own map. So, in short, its not possible, not in the cube engine. You would have to create a custom texture to achieve such.
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I also thought about that but there's no such image file in texture\makke\ folder. Also interestingly you can browse through two textures used in that wall while in edit mode:

[Image: KS32ulX.jpg]

Maybe it's possible by doing some kind of script\cfg inside the map?
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Its in the makke texture folder, named douze.jpg. It is one texture, trust me.
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Wow sorry o.o didn't notice it. Much thanks!
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