Response to thread-8931
Response to thread-8931

I had to wait until this moment to give my opinion.
So, "FDRC" "FEDE" etc ... gave the admin pass to another player means that FEDE prioritizes the friendship than the rules ...
Is this serious? I believe so!
With this attitude he seems to have lost points of friendship with Dani. FDRC can not be surprised at this ... because he acts for friendship too ...
So we got to the point: I was playing on the w00p server and then LeXus was banned in voting there... He went into the server again and was banned again. "LeXus is PERMABAN of the game and everyone knows that."
LeXus was banned from the server again .. then FDRC joined this same server  and banished a haxor, okay, great. That's because FDRC has w00p server admin.
Then LeXus came back and started talking to the FDRC.
It was another ban evade, so I voted to ban him another time. But this time the administrator "FDRC" did nothing.
Notice here the misuse of the power of the admin:

1) Banishing vote pulled by an old clean player. (Me)  -plus-
2) Another player confirmed that LeXus was evading a ban.  -plus-
3) LeXus is permaban of the game and FDRC knows this.

I think Dani's rough, strong procedure was for good reason.
She must have been disappointed because she expected more from FDRC, just as I expected too ...

What is the price to pay to have an admin from a server?
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what makes you think that if medusa, or you, want to ban and persecute all the EX-cheaters and all those you do not like, i have to do the same? stop being mad because i have not banned him... and you know that w00p's has nothing against him. also you can't compare the fact that i banned the fly hacker with the fact that i have not banned lexus. if you think you can manage better, become admin too and proove to do better instead of criticizing me
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The answer is quite simple:
Both I and Dani have participated in this game for many years! Many even! I, for example, have always been here from the beginning. I've never been on the blacklist. Etc...
Dani for a long time has helped keep this game clean by removing cheaters, impersonators, haters, etc. from game. It is a gigantic and appreciable work.
Does Dani make mistakes? Of course yes. But notice that her goal is do the best for everyone!
What was your purpose when you made the error of sharing that server password? It was for a selfish reason, no?
Unfortunately what I conclude with your post is that you're defending former cheaters. Even worse! You're defending LeXus !!!!
Just search a little here in the forum and you will see why LeXus had a permaban. But I think you know why and you're just defending him. It is a pity.
Life is made of choices ... you made your choice ...
Your choice is not the same as mine, it was not the same as Dani's and it should not be the same as those who want to protect this game.
But I understand, this is your way of managing. And it's exactly the kind of admin I call nagging and lazy admins. Not just lazy but biased ones.
So I ask you again, what is the price to pay to be a server admin?
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(07 Jan 19, 07:03AM)1Cap Wrote: What was your purpose when you made the error of sharing that server password? It was for a selfish reason, no?
no, i invite you to re-read that thread

i don't have to follow the new ban policy of 2-3 persons and i don't have to ban someone just because you say so
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What is point and goal of thread when the other one which fede started is already closed and all got their answers? What's your exact problem 1Cap? You write an article and you forget your main problem 1Cap...

I think we must find a husband for 1Cap then she would stop wasting her time here ( sarcasm )

Also I suggest you to re-read your own posts 1Cap b/c you write so ugly and you make relations between everything which those relations doesnt exist and you only imagine them so I ask you to re-read and think again on what you write

You need special care 1Cap suffer from Lexus... Deep truma

After all I hope you realize that AFPS is different from MS

And writing about AFPS in this forum is ugly and It's not related here... GRASP
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"no, i invite you to re-read that thread"

Almost all of your posts have been edited again, including the initial post ...
12th March, 2018, 08:37 (This post was last modified: 12th March, 2018, 08:44 by Federico ..)
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I will not read that thread again ... I followed it from the beginning and with the changes in the text that you did too ...

"i don't have to follow the new ban policy of 2-3 persons and i don't have to ban someone just because you say so"

This is already clear.
And this shows that everything I wrote is right .... unfortunately.
You defended LeXus! He has a "permaban" and you know it! There is no good explanation for this ....
He is not "someone" and you know it. You defended him.
The next step is to confirm the reason that you have done this ... Very suspicious ...
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"Very suspecious" lol
1Cap new theory?? You want to say fdrc is cheating or they pay him to defend LeXuS ? You want to make other bullshit story? Want to say fdrc=lexus? Want to say they have family relationship? What bullshit you prepared for your next post...
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mhsaleh  stop troll.... be smart ;)
Or he just want to be a w00p...
But it's not important anymore... 

Look this demo:
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Not everyone has the same standards, and furthermore, not everyone that should be banned is getting banned. Matter of a fact, certain people are protected by the same people who should be doing something about it.

I won't point any fingers here, but I was told in person that I should have my admin removed off a server for banning a well known troll (among other offenses they have done) by someone who controls the cbl. Go figure that one out.

Everyone just governs servers as they see fit now. There is no real standard anymore as to who should be banned and who shouldn't be. I, myself, am guilty of playing favorites for some and not others. It depends a lot on the admins, the servers, and each persons on experience with who the issue is with if you ask me.

I might ban someone that the rest of the server likes. I'm the bad guy for it, but I'm also the one with admin too.
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(07 Jan 19, 04:24AM)Federico. Wrote: ...i banned the fly hacker..

Where did you post that demo?
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