The Death of Pi
As of about May or June, Pi as a majority was "dead". I assumed this was common knowledge and didn't need a public announcement being made. However, as of lately, I have noticed some people have taken it upon theirselves to start back wearing a tag. These people either left for another clan or announced they were leaving the clan. If we could just leave and rejoin, then I would do the same. Which would make me over them, and thus the Death of Pi still stands. I left, if I could just rejoin on my own, I would and would gladly correct this issue for them.

At the time of death there were 16 members.
The council was:
Halo (myself, announced I was leaving)
Robtics (joined MyS)
RktNoob (joined ZZ)

Normal Members:
Pomps (joined sqpr)
KGB (joined sqpr)
Minion (joined sqpr)
Nside420 (announced he was leaving)
vule (joined oNe)
Gurung (joined Mys)
Dr. P (never said if he was leaving, started playing without Pi tag)
boxer (never said if he was leaving, started playing without Pi tag)
Elite (still wears Pi tag)
meanduck (never said if he was leaving, started playing without Pi tag)
O'Really (never said if he was leaving, started playinging without Pi tag)

So, this is where it stands. Technically, only SnooSnoo, Elite, and Flint never said they were leaving or stopped wearing the tag. These are the only true members and all 3 are mostly afk. Anyone else wearing the  Pi tag is directing impersonating, tag abusing, or just trolling.

I was even asked recently about reviving the tag, to which I said a firm no. Not pointing fingers, but a select few joined other clans or said they were leaving months ago and just recently started back wearing the tag. If you see this, this is a direct misconduct/rule breaker. They left under their own free will.

The blacklist thread has plenty of tag abusers/impersonators, and honestly, just because you have been apart of the community a few years doesn't mean you should be exempt from following the rules the same as everyone else.

So to recap, the only 3 members who never said they were leaving Pi, or stopped wearing the tag, are Elite, Flint, and SnooSnoo. Anyone else is just trolling or tag abusing and I suggest taking action.

RIP Paradox Infinity 2011 - 2018
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It will be nice to see less servers and players on masterserver
( How Pi is dead and you still have power on server... like acKa, 100% illusion )
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Dude why do you take everything like this so far at this point its getting so stupid. In most members eyes Pi died cause of you I know Minion/Gurung/Doc/vule would all agree with me on this, you got mad at us over the most stupid of things, you took it as life and death, we where a really close group ( and still are thankfully ) and we are all sad that the clan ended but Minion and myself are trying to get the clan back again and I have spoken to elite about this and he is cool with it.  Many clans have been restarted and we are trying to do this same so whats the problem?

You said you left the clan and yet you are calling us trollers and tag abusing? How are we tag abusing when we are trying to started the clan again? And you trying to ban Minion from pubs it just looks like you are so salty, we really don't get it anymore.
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I'm 100% agree with Pomps. We're just trying to rebuild the clan, no trolling, no tag abusing. Pi was officially dead so whats wrong if old members want to rebuild it again?

Why do you complain about this? Let us play , man. Pi died because of you and we're trying to bring pi back again so wtf is wrong with you? If pi died because of you, at least stfu if someone else tries to rebuild it .
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ps. halo reply to me on telegram

pps. i agree wit daisy n uruguay
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If it engages an "AC" clan then I will give my vision...
The MCNNM clan is a former clan of this game. (the first one) This clan was lead by MCNNM_Gu. Unfortunately after I joined the clan and some time later it ended up being inactive. The MCNNM_Gu had no more time to play. So, a few years later I talked to formers members asking permission to reactivate the clan. Everyone agreed, but I did not feel comfortable ... More years after i got in touch with MCNNM_Gu, I talked to him about my intentions and he agreed ... so I activated the clan again... Others old members like Corisco, Duh, etc . played sometimes  togheter  with me ... But after 2 months i decided to definitely retire the clan.

My view is that the best (greats) AC clans are a reflection of their leaders. Watch all the "big" clans in the game and see who they are their leaders ... Even if have there a strong player in board or a good concil, the clan leader is the soul of the clan and the main element.
Think of the leaders of these clans: ZZ, FD, oNe, BC, BoB, w00p, MyS, MCNNM among others ... These clans have the soul of their leaders. This clans ARE their leaders.
I was already a member of Pi_
During the time I was in the clan I realized that the clan leader was the main element. He made things happen or not. He was the point of reference for the clan, to the mebers and to the community.
In my understanding Pi clan IS Halo. Indisputably. And I believe that in respect to one of the greatest clans of this game you (we) must have its history ended because Halo is not more there.

Why not create your own story in a new clan along with your friends? Do you really need to taint the history of this great clan?

AC and Pi_  must be greater than any disagreement or dispute. Please be wise!
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Its easy to play the victim. What isn't easy is admitting your own faults.
I see you still don't understand what exactly I got mad about and why exactly I left.
People not following clan rules (which may I add, aren't that much different from the same set of rules that are enforced by server owners). Impersonating other places, having people who aren't Pi wear the tag, wearing other clan tags. All of these are offenses that could lead to a blacklist entry.
I got tired of dealing with it and left. I left under my own free will. I left Pi with most members still being apart of it. If you wanted the clan, this was the perfect time to have it. But no, instead, everyone jump shipped. That isn't my fault, you made that decision on your own. Now months later, you want to revive Pi. You didn't stick with Pi when given the chance, so you don't get to piggy back off my hardwork and my name to revive it now. Pi was my hardwork and my effort. I was willing to let it go back months ago, but no one wanted it. Don't try to act like you want it now.

Personally, I don't see the issue with what you guys were doing with sqpr. That was a clan you guys could have built as your own and do with it as you please.
Pi is my reputation, you didn't take care of it the first time, so as long as I am here, you don't get to revive it using my fame to better your own self.
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Well what can I say...That is kinda true so. I'll take this like "Pi is/was my clan so I don't give you permission to rejoin or rebuild it again". If that is your point, I get it so I'll leave it. Sorry pompsy, sorry vule, g, but if he says that, I can't do anything.

Btw we actually didn't want to troll or something like that. We were just trying to revive Pi because it was a good clan, good group and we had good moments. Anyways, I got your point halo. Gg's
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Come on guys, start your own clan. Really what's the point of trying to revive something that just causes strife? Leave it and start again.
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As far as i know "spqr" is not a clan. It's a tag ppl use to play cm against former clans.

It would be nice if they become a clan, since they are competitive.
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Vule post is deleted? smh
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I don't have anything to add or subtract from the discussion. For me, Pi had a beginning, a middle and an end and it was, all things considered, a very nice place to be. Change always comes, fortunes rise and fall, and Pi is no exception. Halo left and my resignation was on the table shortly after. I might not be his greatest fan, but I did hold a lot of faith in the direction he pointed the clan at the start. No cheating, and a place for people to play together. Competition is all well and good, but if victory is the point, sooner or later somebody will stop picking the means of achieving it. The clan is not dead, a score of members stayed. Who knows what tomorrow might bring?
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Yo, just want to say I love Pi, I love all of y'all, and this makes me sad. Pi was amazing, I loved the clan and everyone in it while I was there. So many good memories. All the late night inters, IRC shenanigans, 1v1's with Halo (I think I was good enough at one point to consistently beat you but you'll never admit it <3). We had some golden years. It was his clan though, and so much of it was his persona. Just slap a new tag on, what's the difference? Don't let this be Pi's legacy. Pi was great, it died, do something new. Just my opinion y'all, don't get mad. Love you truly.

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(16 Oct 18, 11:05AM)1Cap Wrote:
Think of the leaders of these clans: FD, oNe, BC, BoB, w00p, MyS, MCNNM among others ... These clans have the soul of their leaders. This clans ARE their leaders.
I am sad that you did not mention the one and only real clan active on the scene and happy to declare ZZ the first leader-free clan. Also because if you'd think at me like as a leader, the clan would have no soul (yes yes ! I sold it at a crossroad!!!).
ZZ has the soul of his beautiful members.

ah and regarding Pi, I support Halo's decision. You guys should just decide for a new tag. Mini and Pomps, I do not see the problem. Just start something new.
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New tag in this condition isn't a good idea ( until you realize you have enough members as roster to form a new active clan for at least 1 year, else you have to find 1 or 2 fixed mates, I think it's already happened in spqr and some other groups )
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a tag is a tag. why shouldn't it be a good idea? This what you do when you start a clan. If they can start a Pi tag they can start any other
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Yes, tag is tag and i mean the group must be complete in some ways, even if the tag is being used by only 2 players but in current state of AC, making new groups even from old players is really hard and without a deep friendship, it's somehow impossible... It's why there should be efforts on revive.
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So you're essentially trying to piggy-back off Halo's hard work and legacy is what you're saying mhsaleh. You don't want to put the work into starting a new clan and tag. Respect the man's wishes, find a new tag mates.

Also, Urban Terror is dope and I play that instead now. I'm blueberry on there too. Join me. AC died when I left.
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(30 Oct 18, 10:40PM)blueberry Wrote: AC died when I left.

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