WWI Trenches 1.3 has been released!

RSVF base:
1. Added a spawn bunker and moved the radio and world map into there
2. Slightly moved the diagonal trench
3. Moved team spawns into the aforementioned bunker
4. Added more pickups in the base.
CLA base:
1. Added a spawn shelter where the big divider used to be.
2. Moved a box into the spawn shelter and moved team spawns into there.
3. Added some grenades
Other additions: 
1. Added more hills 
2. FINALLY clipped everything properly (including the ladders as you could get stuck in them).
3. Removed the clips behind both bases
3. Moved the annoying pillars a bit. 

And that's it! Any feedback would be great

If it is possible, where can I contact an administrator of the Pi_ servers so I can upload my map there?

Map download link UPDATE: New patched version is now available. Click here to download!
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