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What I think it's time we allow all posts to be free on here

So the general idea of this thread is to just have any free discussion about anything but AC

In the higher realms AC is still played.  You must astrally travel, .Let's have spiritual discussions here.  The best part of AC was always the shit posting.  We can revive AC and play again through tantric meditation we won't need an internet connection so there will be less lag.  You must believe.  What are your views?  We are stastart some tantric practice as a community
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If the head of your bed doesn't point east when you sleep, then get a quartz and put it in the most eastern spot,. I think it assists with solar magnetism or something. I'm not being false and pretending to understand anything greatly, simply the desire to realise our own innate capabilities
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I am the Tulku, John of patmos

An irc should be arranged soon, for explanations of the "secret" tantras. The only request is that any interested party should really use an alias and proxy u know all the nerdy shit,. Then we can have digital Sangha with all the fine minds of ac
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This thread is other evidence to death of AC with no resurrection.. hang on afps and hf, else you must be mad like me to play on pub and involve yourself in speechs.
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