Subgun Sterling model - AC skin/mod
Here's another model I made. It's not as low-poly as my previous models, but I just wanted to make this because it was actually the first thing I ever created in blender (and oh boy, was this a mess back then)

So I re-made it just to see how easier it would be now, I also added a hand model I found in AC Reloaded's assets and made team script textures

[Image: rAEdtd0.png]

Download link:!8AFhQa4B!GgW4WAMjJ5Ee8...1BPoRtAivk

Team script:

WARNING: I was too lazy to simplify the world model and re-wrap it on the textures, so the world model is as complex as the FPS model (~350 verts), so if you're playing on your grandma's rig I don't recommend using it
Thanks given by: D3M0NW0LF