Player Skinzz
Here you can post your custom player skins,this is mine i reskined for fun but it is still in alpha stage,the original is skeletour from makkE i just added chef ramsay face xD body will be finished soon no worries,the sounds are also in progress (angry chef voicecom) that will be a blast fo sho.....
[Image: chef_ramsay1.jpg]

[Image: chef_ramsay2.jpg]

[Image: chef_ramsy3.jpg]

Here is the template put it in your custom folder and name it nisde420__ffa   :))
cla and rsvf will be available in a couple of days bruv im taking it easy 
[Image: nisde420_ffa.jpg]

lovely jabbly cheerz
Thanks given by: |HP|
This is as polished as it gets i think,final version of this skin after i put some real effort bcuz first post was a bit rushed,quite obvious innit

[Image: skin.jpg]

[Image: skin1.jpg]

[Image: skin2.jpg]

and the template of course

[Image: unarmed_ffa.jpg]

Thanks given by: |HP|