Server settings
Hi, i just opened a server in AC and i wanted to know if there is a setting to disable/edit the push back when a player is shooting
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Short answer: No.
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I see, and the long answer i guess is to edit the source code of the server / client which will need players to use a patched version of AC ?

one more question is there is a chance such a setting to be added in future release of AC or this behaviour is not going to be touched at all ?
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just use edge haxjump while shooting
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Longer answer: touch that setting in the sources and play on a public server with it and you will be banned for cheating. Probably permanently.

And no, that setting will not be made configurable.
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i have no intention to cheat just wanted to know if it can be made as a game play mod like ctf but i guess that this kind of changes are not allowed.
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