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Yoo cuberzz so heres the dealio i always wondered why i was banned many many years ago(2013),this morning i was so bored that i searched my name in forum (bad idea),and i found this demo so i had to check it out,now my score was 48-14 but if anyoby even took a little look it was obvious i was aiming like the bigest noob,however im not 100% sure it was me bcuz of ping and the number beside my name was 10,only thing i know i was banned from ms and that was not cool,thats why i quit for a while,and just because someone look at my score and said he is using aimbot i was kicked out,so take a look at this and say if i was using aimbot pls,peace out cya in the pubzz  AC rulezz :*  


// Name: nisde420
// Ban date: 2013-06-29
// Ban reason: aimbot
// Proof:

Link to demo.
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So i think apology would be nice and also if J could stop banning players that are better than him...peace
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Of course no one cares about this GREAT injustice,and god knows how many innocent players Jamz banned throughout the years...da system is corrupt
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you was lagging for the entire game, its hard to understand if the suspicious moments were caused by your lag or by something else.
to me doesn't seems you was aimbotting, but there are interesting moments, for example, what were you doing from 6.05 mr to 5.46 mr?
and the "10" beside your name was just your cn (client number), nothing to do with impersonators (this does not exclude the possibility that maybe someone was impersonating you)
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just by the way your phrased yourself means you're guilty lmao
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Lemme do it like this instead....
Ok so at one point my score was 22-2,all legit ofc im playing slow but safe

[Image: 20180526_21_50_24_ac_shine_TDM.jpg]

Soon after that gimel asks me if im legit,i did not even notice it in game i guess

[Image: 20180526_21_51_19_ac_shine_TDM.jpg]

did he report me ? that i dont know okey,im not really sure and its not fede to answer your question,from 6.05 to 5.46 i was probably waiting in ambush or something,it is like a strategy camp you see,can be very useful at times,here are pics

[Image: 20180526_22_01_59_ac_shine_TDM.jpg]

[Image: 20180526_22_02_02_ac_shine_TDM.jpg]

[Image: 20180526_22_02_03_ac_shine_TDM.jpg]

Thats it pretty much,if you have any questions in regarding this demo just ask and i will answer no probs
P.S. - i checked it ,its my old ip so i can confirm its actually me in game
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(26 May 18, 02:25PM)Marti Wrote: just by the way your phrased yourself means you're guilty lmao

Please refrain from commenting unless you have seen the demo okey,you are making accusations without any proof which is the easiest thing to do nowadays,anyone who has eyes KNOWS that i am clean and innocent,maybe  its hard for you to understand how can someone have that good score without using some kind of bot.....
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