Windows 10 Fallen update causes graphic card issues

I noticed this issue already earlier, but now I was forced to install the latest Windows 10 update
without the option to revert those changes as security patches require them.
I have an Intel and NVIDIA graphic card installed, but both show the same issues, namely spikes
every few seconds.

I have tried several compability modes so far, but none of them resolve the issue.
Also, using some older version or re-installing graphic card drivers didn't help.

Thanks in advance.
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vsync 0?
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(29 Mar 18, 07:23PM)grenadier Wrote: vsync 0?

Nope. It seems to happen whenever I move around with the mouse.
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This maybe ?
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(31 Mar 18, 02:15AM)Million Wrote:

This maybe ?

Thanks, I must have overlooked that.

UPDATE: I have resolved the issues below by re-installing the Intel driver and for NVIDIA I reset
the global settings.

The game is now playable again, but what I have noticed is
that after roughly 10 seconds, my fps drops from 450 to constant 60. This wasn't the case before.
I tried out vsync 0 and vsync 1 respectively, but this doesn't matter. Whenever I start the game now
with the NVIDIA card instead of the internal Intel card, I get weird 30 fps and the game is laggy.
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I had this problem with my laptop when It wasn't plugged (Something to do with the power settings)
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