MS admin Account

This thread is about making this permission for MS admins to have admin on all servers cause most admins on most servers are away or server owners don't care about having good admins on their servers.
Yes, they have permission to blacklist but it would be nice to have a channel on Telegram or Facebook or Twitter or ... to announce blacklist with details and length of MS ban (from 15 min to 1000min to local ban), also players could have that right to know why they banned and how long does it take. Also this help to avoid bad effects of range ban

Why said account and not key/password ...cause password is not safe for that stuff (even i think password system for servers are useless) so there should be an account on specified systems.

Edit: AC is not in a good condition and also dev and admins acting like Pat&Mat, so they destroy all stuffs to do 1 good job so you can forget this post like what you were doing against community before.
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