Harassment by teambleed
Nicknames (he has many !) :
Is2 (it's a 'i' − btw, could we change the forum font ?)
ewjqjk[...] (couldn't read it all)

Less identifiable (as in too common) nicknames :
motherfcker (without the 'u')

Date : 2018-01-28
Server : Paradox Infinity's Public #1 Server
IP : 201.97.62.x
Proofs (video + 3 demos) : https://files.fm/u/c453apdq

Facts :
I got him kicked for teamkilling once. He then procedeed to harass me, by successively teambleeding or teamkilling, disconnecting, reconnecting with other nick, many times. In the video, you can see him (account Is2) teamkilling me. He then reconnects with another account (Ostiaputa). I show his IP both times.

Notes :
The consonance of the names used makes me think of hispanic language. Which is coherent with is IP, as geoiplookup Unix command gives us :

$ geoiplookup 201.97.62
GeoIP Country Edition: MX, Mexico

Which shows he likely does not use a VPN and would be relevant for a ban.

I would like to modestly add I spent a whole afternoon tracking him, reviewing demos and learning basic video processing the hard way. I would greatly appreciate if you ban him.

Thank you for following this little investigation of mine ;o)
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I'm sorry to say, if anyone responds to this it likely won't be to help out. It's common for things like this to happen in AC. To be fair, it's common in a lot of FPS games. There really isn't much that can be done. I've had my fill of trying to do anything about people like this. I've made embarrassing posts when I was drinking and ranting about stuff like this. All it did, in the end was make me look like a d-bag. I wish I could delete some of those posts D: 
But, yeah there isn't much that can be done, unless you vote to ban them or get admin in some servers. I personally don't have admin in the Pi servers, and it's highly likely I never will. But if you're ever in the KH servers or some few others I have admin on and I'm there I would probably ban him for ya. 

As Tom Segura would say... "Some people suck" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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Yes, i tried admin there but im not Kings friend... so...  Play on other servers with more admins ...

Leave these "public" servers just for cheaters and haters.
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Well I'm just hoping some blacklist maintainers may see this thread and add him. Otherwise, why even bother reporting people.
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I don't understand, did this player cheat somewhere recently on the servers? Do you have new demos? His "home" IP range is banned since your report.

PS. Each report about cheaters is checked, central blacklist bases largery on the reports sent by players, without them there would play much more cheaters.
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I don't think I saw him cheating (tho I would not be surprised).

In the demos you can see him disco/reco lots of times with the different nicknames that I listed, and teambleed or teamkill.

Well, thank you very much if you banned him, and thank you for your work.

Merci, @grenadier <3
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(07 Feb 18, 03:25AM)1Cap Wrote: Yes, i tried admin there but im not Kings friend... so...  Play on other servers with more admins ...

Leave these "public" servers just for cheaters and haters.

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