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hey hey! 1st lemme turn on the lantern to avoid some buckets of bullshit could come to thread (if you know discuss rules, don't read them!):

0-everything is ok on ms and ac but till there will be no little problem, ppl wont harsh ... so i made this thread to to discuss about how to make ac more enjoyable with more players, also the ac is for both kidz and old-school players (dont ask me to spell old-school i cant :D)

1-Looking for who is |VAH|-Spring wont help you, cause I wont talk about who am i or what happened in clan and other non-related subjects you could also ask by in-game chats or IRC or off-topics.

2- I don't want to suppository up anything, just discuss about the reality of ms and what happens there... I will tell how I'm thinking about that then you can say its wrong cause these stuffs or .... .

3-Please use correct words, may I grasp your mention when you say "what you smoke?" "i aint pay fak what happens on ms" "sdf;lkhFL;hdsflsdf" but it will be harder for you and other to discuss and you may starting a childish argue and at the end you just retrieved a bucket of BS.

OK.. around 80 servers, so we don't plan for them cause we are not server owners, right? and also they wont plan? just remove BS from maport and its solved? comon ms is too far from populated and organized .OK btw but you couldn't make rules for servers?

Lemme claim god mode in my brain and tell what would I do...

0th! :ADVERTISE and make more ways for donations and asking ac players to advertise by different ways

1st: last night i invited 2 new people to brasil pub server and set private mode to learn them basic and maneuvers ... it takes 2 hour to learn them game modes and and show them maps and ... also the hardest part was learning them strafe and other maneuvers.. why dont make an interactive guide or training mode for newbies ? like a little campaign mode that they have to pass exams there to access multiplayer mode? or make training mode on some servers?

2nd:There are 3 mastermode, so if i want to plan for them, at least i will tell server owners to have a website or other tool like a discord server to save matches and clans and players details and also make a tool for players and clans to make a reservation at fixed time in server and other ideas could avoid us being lazy to use these stuffs.

3rd: maport.... I think there should be an official map archive that server owners could get and run on servers and any other non-certificated map is not allowed... i.e we could avoid camper maps ... secret walls and stuffs like this mean we are getting away from fair playing ... let them go other place like what happened before

4th: to be continued ...
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oh Lord
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thx 1cap but please get more details if you can.
I don't look for a text for tutorial .. I'm thinking about in-game "advice and demos" and videos could help people learn ... from playing to mapping and coding.
For other stuffs u pointed to, i will wait to see what other say, still the topic is in haze, if they don't mentioned ill accept what you say (but not all of that :P)
vector mentioned we need to get more players here but the problem is wasting : time, power of coders and modelers and also if you look for a serious game, i think you have to try other stuffs, cause ac is the right place for who want to work for ac, ac wont do any job for ya and it wont grab players until you make a decision and do a plan.
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